Saturday, 19 January 2008


Well, here it is at last (better late than never).....I promised myself that at the beginning of 2008 I would start a blog so that my thoughts and photographs and curiousity about birds and nature in general would be available to all in the blogging ether.

It's kind of difficult to know how to start when the weather here in southwest Britain so far this year has been sooooo dreary, drizzly and damp. So, I decided to raid my store of lush, warm summer photographs and post one of those to help anticipate the spring and summer to come........that's the theory anyway!

Last year, this Silver-washed Fritillary posed beautifully on a thistle at East Woodlands, near Longleat, just 10 minutes from home.
Future posts will be about the birds and nature that I find at my home in Somerset, also at our local Rodden Nature Reserve just five minutes up the road and at my Mum's home in The Cotswolds where I do her gardening once a fortnight. The odd birding trip will probably make it onto here too!
I hope you enjoy looking at this blog as much as I will enjoy creating it.


Bruce said...

Really lovely blog Jenny. Your pictures are typically excellent! Its going to be good to see it grow and follow your adventures. Bruce Douglas

Jenny Vickers said...

Thanks Bruce

I think you are the first person to leave a comment. Am enjoying myself with this so far...