Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Late winter tetrad at Postlebury wood

I finally got my second late winter tetrad done for the BTO atlas today. The late winter surveys have to be finished by the end of February so this week was my last chance to get this done. The weather was mild with lots of sunshine, but it was a bit windy which isn't ideal, specially for finding small birds. My birding friend Mick joined me for the two hour walk. We surveyed a mixture of pastureland and woodland.
As expected there weren't many small birds about and there seemed to be a dearth of Wood Pigeons for some reason. We did see many Redwings with a few Fieldfares mixed in and many more Carrion Crows than Rooks. We had good looks at a Treecreeper and a pair of Bulfinches and in the second hour the Buzzards had got up into the air. On the whole it was a pretty quiet affair, though it was still lovely to get out on such a lovely day.

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