Thursday, 10 April 2008

Portway pond springclean

It was a job that was well overdue, so I dragged Chris, my husband from his work to get it done while the sun was shining this morning.

The pond was completely clogged up with a mixture of blanket weed, airator, water mint and with the odd buttercup thrown in there too. Chris got the worst of the mint and buttercups out by hand and then attacked the blanket weed with a handy old kitchen sieve. It works a treat, though we'll never get rid of it entirely I guess!

After just a few minutes there were signs of life in the way of several newts swimming about and two dragonfly larvae crawling on the pond liner. Chris also said a couple of frogs were moving about while he was getting the worst of the weed out. Having got a photo of the dragonfly larvae, I will now have to look in my book to see if it is possible to identify which dragonfly I have in there. I'm not sure I'm very confident. Perhaps I'll just have to wait and see what crawls up the iris stems later in the year. To be continued.......

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