Thursday, 26 February 2009


Earlier in the week I got to do a bit of work in our garden tidying up as we're hosting our annual selling exhibition in a couple of weeks time (see my husbands website to view his work) . As I was doing a bit of pruning, I noticed that a few things had started emerging and decided to take some snaps with my macro. Here are some of those images.
I hope these Snowdrops hang on in flower till our show.Our Rhubarb serves two purposes, both useful and beautiful (in the great William Morris tradition). First it makes great Rhubarb crumbles (Chris likes these, but not me) and secondly as a great foliage plant close to our pond.A couple of details from some terracotta pots that have made it through the winter.
These miniature Iris are lovely. It's a shame they are so short lived in their flowering, I'm not sure they will stay nice and fresh for our show either.
One of my favourite shrubs is Viburnum carlcephelum. It has the most delicious scent in the spring and I stop to smell it every time I go down the garden path. These are the flower buds emerging.And the leaf buds too. Can't wait to have that scent wafting through the air! Spring is definitely on the way! (-:I thought I'd finish with a Poppy portrait. She was helping me with the pruning......kind of! (-:


Eve said...

These are beautiful Jenny! I love that delicate white flower. The iris are so sweet! You are so lucky to have spring coming right along.
The best, by far, is that little Pop Tart!
Great portrait!!

Shellmo said...

Beautiful macros! Loved seeing those buds up close! But I am partial to poppy!!

Anonymous said...

Love the snowdrop images Jen,
dont know about the gardeners assistant though.
Yummy. Rhubard Crumble, now your talking.
Good luck with the exhibition.

Mary said...

How great to have so much starting to bud all ready and actual flowers! I do love those snowdrops and the little iris are beautiful. I guess their one day bloom helps us appreciate them while they are there. Mike likes rhubarb, also. We don't grow any, but maybe we should try. Tell Poppy to keep her whiskers out of the way, or they might get pruned by mistake :-) She is a very pretty little cat. Good luck on your husband's show. He makes beautiful things!

Quiet Paths said...

Oh, spring is bustin' out all over at your house! Love the flowers; they are so beautiful. Such colors. Right now we are looking at snow covered everything. Thanks for the boost, Jenny.

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, as I type both the snowdrops and the iris are past their best, never mind they were a great boost for a few days/weeks. Poppadom sends you a meow greeting for liking her portrait, Shelley too.

Hi Shelley, I like using my macro lens, still getting used to it somewhat. Poppy is a sweet pea in our lives.

Hi Roy, glad you liked the snowdrops. It's the texture that's the problem for me with rhubarb! Thanks for the good luck vibes for our exhibition. A big deal for us!

Hi Mary, yes, we are lucky to have flowers in bloom already. I wish we were having lovely blue skies too, but it's been grey and mizzerly here for quite a few days, and more to come apparently. Poppy is quite safe from having reduced whiskers! (-: Thanks for wishing us luck with our exhibition. Digits crossed!

Hi Christine, when do you think you'll start to get a glimpse of Spring? Glad you enjoyed seeing our first signs.....

Steve B said...

I'm happy to see that you are getting some indications that the winter is closing! Beautiful pictures.

dog trot farm said...

Jenny, just loved your photos. What a sweet little puss, she is lovely.

Steve B said...

Hi Jenny, In response to the request for Herring Gulls that you put on my Gull post today, there are a couple of things you can do, search my blog for "herring" and search for "peasy". I have some gull I.D. clinics.

Celeste said...

Love the snowdrops, they represent the hope that winter is finally coming to an end and they are so beautifully delicate. Love the Poppy portrait too - she looks so focused on what you are doing, great post.

Jenny said...

Hi Steve, thanks for the gull link, a couple of very useful photos in there. Your juv Herring is much more 'smokey' looking than ours.

Hi Julie, thanks for looking in on my blog, yes she is a sweetie, we love her to bits!

Hi Celeste, actually what Poppy is looking at when I took that photo is the bird table!