Friday, 17 April 2009

Somerset Levels part 2 slightly late!

Well, finally we got our computer back after getting a nasty virus. We had to be completely wiped, so had to re-install everything. It's good to be back at last! I just want to thank Evie at for putting that post up on her blog to tell everyone that I was out of action for a while. Thanks Evie!
Below is a photo taken at one of my favourite reserves on the Somerset Levels at Ashcott Corner. I love the different zig-zag lines of colour in this scene.I can't resist fluffy bulrush photos!This Common Buzzard is flying over typical Levels countryside, very flat and peaty.Here he is cropped down.There is a long and strong tradition of 'pollarding' trees for willow withys on the Levels. These are used for fence making and basket making and more recently for decorative sculpture work. They give the countryside around here a unique character that I love.I was driving along near Tealham and Tadham Moor when I saw this Grey Heron by the side of the lane. I had the camera ready, but of course, just the act of my stopping the car cause it to fly off. I love the way one of his toes is sticking up at he flies off. (-:And lastly, I couldn't resist this slightly less than beautiful lamb. He reminds me a little bit of a hyena! Shame! (-:


Anonymous said...

Great area for birding Jen. Lovely scenery and a very special place. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

dog trot farm said...

Jenny, glad to have you back! Loved the picture of the little lamb.

Eve said...

Glad your back Jenny! I think those heron toes look a bit guineaish!! I love the willows and think that is a very interesting idea to do!
Another wonderful I just need to get my computer back to do photos with. The laptop isn't the best.

Chris said...

This is a superb sunny set of pictures. I love the take off of the heron, beautiful.

Mary said...

It's good to have you back and I hope the virus didn't cause you to lose anything important. I really dislike the people who start these things. That lamb is cute, but I do see the hyena resemblance. I love those unique! Good buzzard shot and the heron ones, too. I like how they raise up off their tiptoes as they leave the ground and those toes sticking up do look funny.

Quiet Paths said...

It's so good to see you back in action Jenny. That heron was a wonderful subject! I just love them. And the hawk. Excellent walk it seems. Happy spring!

Jenny said...

Of course not Roy (alias Somerset lad), I believe you! (-:

Hi Julie, thanks, yes even with hyena features it was quite a cutie!

Hello there Evie, I'll take your word for it that our Grey Herons and your Guineas have feety things in common! (-: Can't wait to see your first 'bama blog!

Hi there Chris, yes, Herons are spectacular birds, specially when they're close up like this one was!

Hello Mary, we didn't lose anything mega important, tho some programs seem to be working slightly differently which is a pain, I'm sure we'll get used to it. Glad you liked the pics!

Hi Christine, Happy Spring back at you, now that it's started for you too! (-: Yes, those Herons are special.