Sunday, 18 October 2009

Frustrated of Frome!!!

Hi folks

I seem to be having trouble uploading my photos onto blogger this evening. Due to some internal error apparently. Has anyone else had that message come up? It's all very frustrating!


Eve said...

Hi Jenny! Sorry to hear it. It does happen from time to time I think. Good luck. Take the night off!!

John said...


Yes this has happened to me recently. Blogger has these moment. There maybe a problem there. Try again tomorrow.

Also problems with Broadband could cause problems.

Keep smiling.


Chris said...

Hi Jenny,
No I never got this problem. I do not know why you are getting it. Maybe their size is too big. Did you try with a lower resolution picture! Keep trying!

dog trot farm said...

Hang in there Jenny Wren you're worth waiting for!

Rural Rambler said...

I can be good and wait Jenny!!

Jenny said...

Thanks guys! I managed to get it done Ok tonight! (-: PHEW!

Mary said...

Blogger seems to have its fits and starts, but for once I wasn't among those having problems....wasn't on much yesterday.