Thursday, 24 December 2009

A walk in the woods - part 2

There's something very restful and peaceful about being beside a rushing stream. Even though it was a cold day, I found a convenient log to sit on for about 10 minutes just to take in the tranquility of the winter wood.Sunlight on a mossy log is always an attraction to me. The rich colours really stand out at this time of year.
I love the holes created at the base of trees, I always find myself wondering what creatures might use them for shelter.A home for fairies maybe? (-:There wasn't much birdlife apparent, but I was entertained by this Treecreeper for a while as it flitted from tree to tree and gradually got closer to me. In the end it was investigating a birch trunk right above my head so this shot below was made with a cricked neck and my favourite baseball cap abandoned on the floor!I was desperately trying to get a photograph with it's head in, but it was not to be. Most of the time it had it's head stuck down a crevice in the bark.
This is the only shot I got of the whole bird and I nearly didn't post it as it's not the best shot in the world! (-: It does show that lovely fine decurved bill though.The only other fungus I found on this walk was this one called King Alfred's Cakes. Click on the brown link to find out more about the 'Great' King Alfred.Here's a close up of this inedible fungus.A mossy macro........I don't know what this plant is, but I loved the lovely rounded leaves lined with frost.Well, that's the end of my woodland walk. Thanks Evie for giving me the inspiration to get out there and start clicking!
Thanks also to all of you who are kind enough to have looked at and commented on my blog this last year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely images Jen. Nice effect on the water shot with a slower shutter speed and you caught up with that elusive Treecreeper. Its been a pleasure reading you blog throughout the year. I look forward to the 2010 entries.

Mary said...

These are great! Sitting by the stream would be so relaxing and tranquil. I love all the mossy green shots. Even in winter there is life here and there. The Treecreeper is a real bonus. I've never gotten good shots of one. YOu are right about how their head never seems to be in view for the shots. Love those green leaves at the end.

Rural Rambler said...

Jen that moss is not to be believed! It is very pretty and almost, almost makes up for the leafless trees. Your shy, "I ain't goin' to be showing you my bird face but you can look at my feathery cute little butt" Treecreeper looks just like our Brown Creeper :) It has been great fun to ramble here Jenny and I am going to wish you Happy Holidays again! Oh and the frosted leaves are pretty they look like they are dusted with sugar.

John said...

Thank you for sharing the Woodland walk with us Jen, the Tree Creeper is a delight as are King Alfred Cakes, never seen them before.

Wish you a very Happy Christmas and wonderful birding filled 2010. See on the Levels sometime.


dog trot farm said...

Jenny Wren Merry Christmas to you and yours and Good Tidings for the New Year.

The Early Birder said...

Well if this doesn't inspire everyone to open their eyes I don't know what will. Excellent posts Jenny.
Happy Christmas Jen ant the OH.

Kelly said...

...beautiful post! I find sitting by a stream relaxes me as well. The first thing I thought when I saw the tree trunk with the hole was "fairy abode!" Very cute with the moss everywhere! Have fun tomorrow...Merry Christmas!

TonyC said...

Lovely post Jen.
Hope you had a great christmas. Take care.

Eve said...

Wow Jenny! I think you've just out done any outdoor walk that I have ever posted! The pictures of the water are incredible! What a great post and I laughed when I found out you dropped you cap!! hahaha!
Oh and I think you may need to put an "R" rating over that tree trunk......
....nough said.
Great job with the creeper too!
Ok now I think it's time I got out there've inspired me now! This could get addictive!
PS I took some pictures yesterday that are very similar to thinks we do think alike!
I'm looking forward to another year visiting Wren's Nature Notebook!