Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rodden Reserve revisted! (-:

These photos were taken on the same day as the ones posted the other day. It's been hard to find any time without rain threatening recently. I sincerely hope we get a run of dry weather soon. I'm going stir crazy as are a lot of people I think.  I'll start with this abstract photo of grass stems and rippling water at the lake edge. I just liked the cross hatching of the two.
We've had these Goosanders hanging around the main lake for several weeks now. There are generally 2 females and 1 male. On this day it was just a male and female together. It would be great if they stayed in the area to breed, but I don't think they will. They're such graceful looking birds.
I quite often see one Grey Heron on the Reserve. It tends to be quite skittish, moving off at the slightest movement from me. On this day, I was surprised to see three all standing together. Needless to say, they all took off as I walked around the main lake. I managed to catch two of them in flight, the third going off in the opposite direction. You can just see the head of one of them to the right in the photo below.
 As I walked round the Reserve, I came across the sweet, repetitive warble of the humble Dunnock. This is a very unassuming bird, but which on closer inspection, has a lovely subtle plumage. 
 It's a real bonus to be able to recognise birds song. I picked up the liquid bubbling song of Goldfinches and immediately looked around for them. I soon found them feeding off the tiny seeds from these Teasel plants. I couldn't get very close but managed to get a record shot.
 I'll finish off on a bright note. There's not much in flower around the Reserve at the moment, but I found these Colt's-foot plants bursting out in flower on the beetle bank. The flowers come out before the leaves. It was a lovely splash of early colour!
  Lets hope Spring is on the way shortly!


Roy Norris said...

Love the abstract shot Jen.
It would be good if the Goosanders stayed. I'm not sure if there would be enough cover there for nesting or if there is enough food
I know that you always spook Herons, perhaps its the hat.{:))

ShySongbird said...

A very enjoyable post Jenny and some lovely photos too. I think Goosander are very elegant birds. I too like the little Dunnock and of course what it lacks in colourful plumage it more than makes up for in its extremely colourful personal life ;-)

How lovely to see the Colt's Foot, always a welcome sight. I loved the classic Goldfinch shot, I have never managed to capture them on Teasels. Yes, definitely stir crazy here...we have snow again :-(

Anonymous said...

An interesting and lovely illustrated post Jenny, and it was great to see the Goosanders (a bird which I have struggled to see this winter). Also nice to see the Colt's-foot in flower, a much needed reminder that spring will be with us sooner or later :-)

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, I'm pretty sure the Goosanders wont stay which is a shame. I wish I hadn't included that hat photo now! (-; (-:

Hi Jan, I was tempted to put a little bit about the Dunnocks....ahem....interesting personal life, but decided not to in the end! (-: I hope the snow shifts soon for you. At least we've not had that here, just rain and drizzle and very cold.

Hi David, yes, Goosander isn't always a given to see each year. We're very lucky to have them lingering and so local too. I'm thinking Spring will come along in a rush. Let's hope it's soon! (-:

Pix Under the Oaks said...

A great capture Jen with the Goldfinch on the teasel! Took some squinting but I found the second heron.. :) Lovely yellow and yes, let's hope that Spring is on the way!