Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Poppy versus Pica pica!

The other day I was up in our back bedroom (computer room) talking to Chris who was working at the computer when I noticed a Magpie (Latin name Pica pica) close by in our Cherry tree. Then all of a sudden there was Poppy slinking along the ridge line of our kitchen trying to sneak up on it. I raced to get my camera and got back in time to show the following sequence of events! (-:

Here's the Magpie minding its own business.
 And here's Poppy trying unsuccessfully to hide behind the grey pipe at the end of the roof! (you can see the first Magpie in the bottom left of the photo).
The Magpie sets up a right racket and is soon joined in the tree by its mate, both of them making a lot of noise!
Poppy tries to crouch down even more at this second arrival (her tail is waving madly at this point)! The Magpies continue their scolding.
Poppy is so disconcerted by this that she decides that discretion is the better part of valour and attempts a ignominious retreat.
 Oooops, that's a bit steep and slippy......
 Perhaps I should try a bit further along.....
 Nope, still very steep and very slippy.......on second thoughts,  I better just go back they way I came in the first place!
 She slunk back into the house via the bathroom window and spent the rest of the day on the bed!
This one seemed just a wee bit smug I think! (-:
  That's probably the last time she tries to sneak up on those Magpies! (-:


Roy Norris said...

One crazy cat.

Pix Under the Oaks said...

Jen that is hilarious! Poppy is up a little high there, she would be giving me heart failure! I wouldn't want to mess with those Magpies!!! Poor Poppy probably needed to nap all day to recover.. :) Sorry it took me a bit to get here but we were out of town seeing our brand new Great Nephew Wesley, born April 15th!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cats can provide lots of entertainment can't they :-) Our own cat does similar stupid things from time to time, though I think he has enough sense to not bother the Magpies ;-)

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, yes she is! We love her though! (-:

Hi Pix, I thought you'd love the post! (-: From when she was first let out, she's always come in via the bathroom window, so she's used to the height. Congrats on the Great Nephew! (-:

Hi David, yes, I think Poppy will have learnt her lesson too after this episode. I hope so anyway!

ShySongbird said...

It looks rather like encounters I see in our garden although in my case the cat belongs to the neighbour. I'm glad the Magpies won that round :-)

TonyC said...

LOL!! Magpies 1 Cats 0

Jenny said...

Hi Jan, yes, I think the Magpies did win. She'll think twice about stalking them again! (-:

Hi Tony, Chris and I were certainly LOLing! (-: