Thursday, 4 July 2013

Edford Woods - Bluebells galore!

Well this is only just over a month late!!! I need to get back into the blogging groove again! This particular walk in Edford Woods is only available to the public from February to May. So, on the 31st of May I took a last walk around for this year to see what was about. I was expecting the Bluebells to be over largely, but as it has been such an unusual year weatherwise, it turned out that they were in their prime! Here are some photos I took on my walk around this circular route. Please click to enlarge any photos. My Bluebell lined path way at the beginning of the walk.
Sunlit Bluebells
 Close up....
 .....with an Early Purple Orchid....
Speaking of Early Purple Orchids, I was surprised to see these out as well. Poking up amongst the Lesser Celendine.
Another plant that was flowering in profusion was the Ramsons. The delicate aroma of onions followed me as I made my way around the wood.
The growth was at its lushful best with ferns unfurling all over. 
 Some fully out.....
 There was lots of this graceful grass about, but I don't know what it is. Anyone know please?
 I'll finish off this first post on Edford Woods with a combination of Greater Stitchwort and Bluebells. Always a lovely pairing.
 I'll post the second part of my walk around Edfords woods soon!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Welsh Trip - final post!

Another apology. A combination of ill health and continuing computer problems are the reasons for a delay in this final post from my trip to South Wales. For our final full day we decided to head north for a day in and around Dinas RSPB reserve. This is a beautiful predominately Oak woodland in amongst the Welsh hills. 

Getting ready for a long trek.
 The first part of the woodland walk is along a broadwalk. We had some target species to see here and it wasn't long before we saw one of them, a lovely Pied Flycatcher.
Some of the Blackthorn trees were smothered in lichen. It was very eyecatching in a wintery sort of way. 
 This Blackthorn was only just in bud and coming in to flower. At the beginning of May, like a lot of things,  it was several weeks late.
Lambs also seemed to be around later than usual. 
This one below was particularly cute sat on the back of Mum! It was a chilly day!
 There were some flowers to enjoy as we walked through the woods. Lesser Celendine and Wood Anemone.
Lords and Ladies.
Delicate Wood Sorrel. The leaves have a lemony taste in small doses.
 Here are some views of the river which ran through the wood. Our path followed it for quite a while. It was quite manageable to start with.
As we walked along, the river got increasing rocky and wild as did the path in places!

 On our way round, we managed to see our other target species of Wood Warbler, Redstart and Tree Pipit. No photos as they stayed pretty distant. After some lunch by the river, we got in the car and went exploring up into the Welsh hills on the road towards the small town of Tregaron. It was a scenic route and we managed to do some birding on the way.
There were some Welsh ponies. 
 A distant Red Kite.
And a lovely Whinchat.
 Well, that's the end of the trip. I'm sorry it has taken so long to get the final post up! Hopefully my laptop will behave and they'll be a new post shortly! (-:

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Welsh trip - Part 3

Well apologies for the absence. First I had major laptop problems and then real life got in the way for a while! Back to Wales.......after getting off the boat back from Skomer, we went to a little reserve just down the road called Marloes Mere. 
 There were some Barn Swallows swooping and chattering around the car park and a couple settled briefly. I managed to get a couple of shots. 
The Gorse was in full flower and we were assaulted by its wonderful coconut scent as we walked along the lane.
I think this Dunnock was enjoying the scent too! (-:
One of the reasons we came to this little reserve was that there had been a report of a Glossy Ibis there. We didn't find it at first but some patient sitting in the small hide finally produced a sight of this amazing bird in flight. No photos as it was quite distant, but while we were waiting for the Ibis, we were entertained by a Coot going back and forth with nesting material. 
 The reflection of a Gorse bush made for a lovely photo opportunity.
The final part of my Welsh trip will be in the next post which hopefully wont take so long to get up! (-: