Friday, 13 March 2009

Spring progress.

Our annual exhibition at home is still on till this Sunday, so no birding has been done for a while now. I'm getting the shakes from withdrawal symptoms! These beautiful primroses have started to bloom in the garden though which is always a lovely sight.
I love the soft creamy yellow of our native Primrose. Such a subtle shade and very pure and simple.
The gorgeously crinkled Rhubarb leaves are now starting to show through the red bulbous buds.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Your primrose is gorgeous - I, too, love the simple colors and what a bonus that this is native for you. We have to buy ours around here. :-)
Your rhubarb is much farther along than mine is. The red bulb part is just starting to become visible above the soil in my garden.

Eve said...

These are so beautiful Jenny. It must just be so nice to have things coming to life. My rhubarb is (unlike yours and Danni's) still deep below the frozen ground much to scared to pop out.

dog trot farm said...

Oh, Jenny your primrose is just lovely. I was on the hunt for them at the Portland Flower Show, alas non to be found.
My rhubarb is still shivering under three feet of snow!

Anonymous said...

A lovely reminder of Somerset Jen.

Quiet Paths said...

Rhubarb! Mine is still buried too. what lovely color you have. I bet you are getting cooped up feeling for sure! Hope the show is going well.

Celeste said...

Wow you are so far ahead of us - the tops of the daffodil shoots are only just starting to show here. Primroses always remind me of home, such a beautiful, delicate flower.

Mary said...

Oh, dear....hope you can hold out until you get some birding in :-) The primroses are beautiful! So is the Rhubarb!

Jenny said...

Hi Danni, I love my primroses in the garden but love them even more when I see them in the hedgerows growing wild!

Hi Evie, your time will come!

Hi Julie, have you tried looking for the seed? Having said that, I've never had any luck growing from seed! (-:

Hi Roy, do you not get them over yonder?

Hi Christine, I am feeling cooped up, but tomorrows forecast is pretty good so I'm planning on getting up early to go for a birding walk around the local nature reserve before our show opens.

Hi Celeste, you must get some different wild flowers in spring now. Anything spectacular?

Hi Mary, see my reply to Christine above, I hope to sneak out for a birding breather tomorrow am.

Steve B said...

Spring gives us so much to look forward rhubarb pie!

Anonymous said...

Yes we are getting them now Jen - Just.