Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Old Town Bay - St Mary's

I thought I'd include the map of the Isles of Scilly again so that you get a sense of where I've been and where this next post is about. Old Town bay is the southern most bay on St Mary's, just along from Peninnis. Click to enlarge any of the scenery shots to get a better picture.You walk everywhere on the islands, unless you're either lazy or you're unable to. I think if you walk around the coast of St Mary's it would be something like 11 miles! This beautiful little bay has a quiet and confiding feel to it. The only boats that I saw moored here were small rowing boats.This is at low tide on a brooding grey cloud day.And here, again at low tide on a slightly brighter day. Those houses have a fabulous view!This is at high tide one evening, I think we were on our way to the Old Town Inn for one of our dinners out. The sky was beautiful with an almost luminous look to the sky and various shades of grey in the clouds from soft silver to an almost slate grey.This is a view from Old Town bay towards the Peninnis headland on a bit of a misty morning. The colours of the stone here echoed the colour of the brownish bracken on the headland.A bit further round the bay and some people had been having fun with the round granite stones on the beach! (-:This amazing Fushia tree was growing in the garden of one of the house along the bay. I think it was about 6 feet high (taller than me anyway)! One day, I was sitting on the Old Town bay wall, watching the world go by. This Oystercatcher started to have a very energetic bath in the bay and I was able to capture some shots.

More to come from the Isles shortly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, lovely scenery shots taken with that G10.

The Early Birder said...

Memories, memories...thanks for taking me back Jen. FAB

TonyC said...

Great post Jen - love the Oyc sequence. I remember that Old Town Cafe used to have the best pasties (on a cold day) and the best Ice Cream (on a hot one)

Eve said...

Another great post Jenny. The pictures are beautiful. I LOVE the stacked rocks! Did you do that???
Such beautiful things to look at and that Oystercatcher sure is handsome!

Rural Rambler said...

Jenny the pictures of the bay with the homes and rowboats in the water are just stunning. They really are photographed beautifully. I click on them and can imagine what it would be like to live there. What a beautiful place. The stacked rocks are whimsical! I have enjoyed Old Town Bay-St. Mary's.

Quiet Paths said...

That is 11 miles I'd walk willingly each day; I'd get absolutely nothing done. Really great photos once again, Jenny. You must be planning your next trip back!

Chris said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm starting to love the place.... This is a beautiful area..
Your oystercatcher bathing sequence is excellent. If only I could get that close to them over here, I would maybe manage a shot then!

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, I'm soooo glad I got that camera, it was perfect for taking on this trip along with my Nikon.

Hi Frank, do you think you'll go back there again soon?

Hi Tony, the cafe is a different place I think, the Inn was round the corner from the bay on towards the airport road. Great food at a good price, which is always desirable! (-:

Hi Evie, no, 'fraid not, I was too busy with my cameras!!! (-:

Hi Pix, whenever I walked along this small bay, it was a peaceful experience. On my last morning, I sat on a bench overlooking this bay and just soaked it up for the last time! Lovely!

Hi Christine, I have a confession to make.....I've never actually made it to the north end of the island, so I will have to plan my next trip over there in order to do that! Any excuse! (-:

Hi Chris, I feel that about many of your shots, specially the Golden Plover shots you get.

The Early Birder said...

Hi Jen. Who knows once we settle into our new 'non' working routine.
Big day for the better half tomorrow! FAB.

Mary said...

It would be great to live in those houses....at least in nice weather. What a view. I like the rocks and the piled stones...what fun to find those! Beautiful fushia. I love watching birds bathe...they always look so energetic and absorbed in the job. Great series!

John said...

Hi Jen,

Oh your taking me back again with those super photographs, it is such a peaceful and relaxing place, I love old Town, the little place on that part of the coast is called Nowhere.....now thats a place I would like to live in.

Thank you for sharing these photo's with us Jenny.


Jenny said...

Hi Mary, it would be fun to find out is there is a B&B or cottage to rent around there. It's a little way from the quay and shops,but not too far.

Hi John, you know, I nearly took a photo of that sign to Nowhere! (-: I wish I had now!