Sunday, 1 November 2009

Scilly beasties!

While I was on the Scillies, I managed to photograph some beasties, both wild and not so wild. I also managed quite inadvertently, to get some good mooning shots of which the photo below is a particularly good example! These contented pigs were somewhere on St Mary's, I can't recall where exactly.This is my new desktop background photo (for a little while anyway). I've named this pig, Portia the porker! Here's a close up of her. I think she's adorable , if in slight need of a bath! (-:Another wonderful backside! These two seemed happy together at the farm on Peninnis just up the road from our house.This handsome chappy was on the island of Bryher. Well, I think he thinks he is handsome! That's a proper goatee.This was quite sweet (I think). I was in Lower Moors looking for a reported Firecrest (similar to Golden crowned Kinglet) when I noticed a very shy Rat in the tree above me. He knew I was there and just wouldn't show his face. Eventually I moved back a few paces and he raced along the branches and was away into the undergrowth. By the way, I never did get to see the Firecrest. This tiny bundle of fur was scampering across the golf course on my second day on the Islands when I was trying to see my second ever Dotterel (to appear in a later post). I'm not sure what type of mouse it was, does anyone out there know?On the steps just outside our house one morning, we found this prickly ball of spines trying to get away from the road by climbing our steps.It was a bit of a struggle...............but eventually he made it up one step. After taking a couple of photos, Dave wrapped him in his jacket and gave him a helping hand into the garden. Finally, there was one wee beastie that was discovered wandering the woods and footpaths on St Mary's. Slightly wild with strange plumage and bizarre accoutrements hanging from its neck! Obviously a new species to science. We'll call it Troglodytes minimus. Just one or two, or maybe three more posts from Scilly before normal blogging resumes! (-:


sharon said...

Jenny, I am a huge fan of pigs so really enjoyed your photos of Portia etc! Sorry I have no idea about the mouse, real cutie though. Yet again you have taken great photos of the wide range of wildlife and I HAVE to go there!!

Kelly said...

Jenny....I love your beasties! Matty was standing behind me as I pulled up your blog, and I have to let you know....he loves this post! The pigs are so cute and one of his favorites....and the little mouse (a very cute mouse--we don't have that species here). He loved the hedgies as well. We don't have them here also. Keep the Scilly posts coming.

Eve said...

Ha ha ha I love all those Silly Beasts Jenny...even you! I wonder how many things we can hang around your neck before you topple over? Has Chris thought about replacing the Christmas Tree?
My other favs were the shy rat and hedgehog.
Great fun as usual!

dog trot farm said...

Loved the photos Jenny, especially Portia the pig. You and that cousin of mine Miss Eve are so similar you both have all that equipment drapped around your neck. Better be careful you don't become tangled up in the brush!

TonyC said...

Ahh Yes, the Troglodytes minimus. I remeber seeing it very frequently in South West England. I also found one once in australia - It was a rare vagrant only stayed a week or two...........

Mary said...

That last "creature" is indeed strange....but somehow familiar :-) The other creatures are very appealing even when mooning you. Such nice fat pigs. Somehow a rat in a tree doesn't seem as "nasty" as when they are on the ground. That little mouse is so cute...looked very young. Love the hedgehog. I wish we had them here.

John said...

Hi Jenny,

Love the post, the pigs to look very contented. As for the Goat with the Goatee, well now that looks like someone I work hum

Did you see any Scilly Shrews while on the Scillies.

Please to see the Hedgehog made the steps, and then a helping hand, don't you just love the Hogs.


Rural Rambler said...

Jenny this is a fun post to read this morning! Portia has a sweet face, those eyes and flopped forward ears. The tiny hedgehog trying to climb those mountainous steps, cute series of shots. Troglodytes minimus, hmm. Sure is a nice smile and looks like it is at home and enjoying the vacation habitat!

Steve Borichevsky said...

Every time I see a hedgehog, I want to go get a flamingo and play croquet.

Quiet Paths said...

All these are just grand! I love that hedge hog. Really enjoying this whole post. You have a delightful sense of humor!

Jenny said...

Hi Sharon, I really do hope you get a chance to go. I think any time of year would be great, but Spring or early Autumn would be best for birds. Portia is still on my desktop background! (-:

Hi Kelly, I'm glad that Mattie got a kick out of the post. Those pigs were priceless! (-: Actually, having looked, I think I have about 7 more Scilly posts, unless peeps are getting a bit bored! YIKES!

Hi Evie, HAHA!and I didn't even have my scope that day!!!! (-: Christmas tree indeed!!! (-:

Hi Julie, yes two peas in a pod I think we are! What a pair we'd look staggering all over Alabama loaded down with techo gadgets! (-:

Hi Tony, I miss those days! You were virtualy my first birding buddy along with Paul. I'll have to get on over to Aus again sometime!

Hi Mary, maybe that rare bird will find itself blown over to the USA one of these days. (-: Glad you liked Portia and her pals!(-:

Hi John, yes I did see a Scilly shrew, unfortunately it was dead on the Garrison and I didn't have the heart to photograph it. Very pale. I notice you're naming no names with the goatee! (-: Do they blogwatch? (-:

Hi Pix, I fell in love with Portia and her pals (from a distance) (-;
Yes, that wild bird was very at home in that habitat!

Hi Steve, this is the second Hedgehog I've have the pleasure of seeing this year, it was a real treat. I wish you had them over there!

Hi Christine, I'm glad you're enjoying the Scilly posts. As I said above, seeing that Hedgehog made our morning! (-:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, not so much a "Post" more a "Posterior". {:)

I think the nasty we beastie with the tail could be a Wood Mouse.

Love the goats.

Love the Troglodytes minimus, I'm sure I have seen that species before somewhere.

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, posterior! Good one, like that! (-: Miss Trog has been known to wander over to the east side of the country occasionally!

Quiet Paths said...

Do you still see the little hedge hog in your wood pile anymore?