Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Exotics on the way to East Grinstead!

Last week Chris and I took at couple of days break after finishing our annual Arts and Crafts exhibition that we stage from our home each March.  We went to stay with his aunt and uncle who live at East Grinstead in Sussex.  Rather than go the quicker way along the motorways, we decided to take the slower but more scenic route.  About 2/3rds of the way along there is a nice small lake near the town of Midhurst.  Here we stopped to have our lunch.  Now although these two species of bird are not native to Britain, they're handsome enough for me to enjoy taking a few shots after our lunch.  The Black Swan is a native of Australia.  It was introduced here and is found on many lakes around Britain.
That white in the wing makes a stunning contrast to the rest of it's inky black plumage.
It seems to have a much kinder looking face than our native Mute Swan.
Across on the far side of the lake is a pleasing folly.  I don't know anything about this lake and so dont know who built the lake and folly or who it belongs to now, but it's definitely a great place to stop for a break from driving! (-:
The other non native bird I found here is the Egyptian Goose.  It was introduced in the 18th Century from Africa.
That golden yellow eye stands out beautifully!
It's certainly one of the weirder looking geese I've seen, not the prettiest!
I like this shot of it preening.
It certainly seemed happy to have it's photo taken!


Chris said...

Hi Jenny,
I use to say that I do not like introduced species (well probably because I'm dealing at work with their effect ;-) ), but I have to admit that they are nice photo subject! You got plenty of nice pictures there and I love the portrait of the black swan a lot!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots of both Jen, We get the odd Black Swan here that comes with a bout 50 Mutes on the Fenland fields. Love to see the E/Goose as well. They are quite common out in darkest Norfolk. The last head shot is brilliant.

Jenny said...

Hi Chris, what's your line of work then if you dont mind me asking? Yes, I think that is my favourite one.

Hi Roy, it's funny, I feel I can 'tick' the Norfolk ones, but not sure about the rest. Us birders are a wierd lot! (-:

Sharon said...

Love the Black Swan shots Jenny - never seen one myself & have to agree that they do seem to look a bit friendlier than ours!

Rural Rambler said...

I love seeing the black swan too Jen. The Egyptian Goose also. I am so happy you and Chris got away for a few days. What a beautiful place to take a break from driving and have a little lunch! I know I have already mentioned this but I just really enjoy your new blog colors and the layout :)

Mosura said...

Used to have a Black Swan hanging around with a flock of Mutes on the Cromarty Firth up in Scotland. Plenty of them down here in Tassie of course but always nice to see.

Eve said...

These photos are wonderful and I also like seeing these exotic geese. I'm glad you two had a nice trip. I too love the detail on that last photo. Thanks Jenny!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hi Jenny. A huge fan of "slower but more scenic routes" myself, I'm loving your adventuresome spirit and photos of these amazing swans. Our botanical garden introduced a pair of black swans but sadly the coyotes liked them as much as the people. I love them, too. The Egyptian Swan is very exotic and lovely in her own special way. Great post - thank you!

Kelly said...

...the Black Swan is beautiful. I love the white wing tips, but I also love the bright red bill. Very striking. Are you going to have photos of your Arts and Crafts exhibit?

Jenny said...

Hi Sharon, at least while I was taking photos, he didn't hiss or become threatening not that I had to get too close anyway. PS: Hope you've settled in ok! (-:

Hi Pix, yes, I need a break every now and then as Chris doesnt drive. I'm glad you like the new layout and colours, I've been meaning to have a change for AGES!!! (-:

Hi Alan, yes of course, you've got the 'proper' ones down there! (-:

Hi Evie, I think both of these subjects had kind looking faces! I like that last one too as well as the one of the Swan looking back over it's tail.

Hi Debi, I guess sometimes you need to get somewhere in a hurry, but when you don't, it's nice to pootle along! (-:

Hi Kelly, no I didn't take any photos of our exhibition as someone who knows about these things, told me that I could be compromising our security if I show what's in our home. It's a shame but I guess you can't be too careful.....

John said...

Hi Jen,

Love the Black Swans, saw a pair on the River Exe some years ago, was tempting to tick, I resisted...but they are stunning.

Lovely photos. How was the Arts and Craft Exhibition.

The Early Birder said...

Hi Jen. Lovely shots of the two 'exotic' species living on Benbow Pond, part of the Cowdray Estate. This brought back some memories as both sides of my family have connections with Midhurst.
BTW the Memorial Temple was built in 2000 in memory of the late Viscount Cowdray the Third.

Mary said...

The swan and the goose are both so beautiful! Such lovely colors. I can see why someone would want those exotics around.