Thursday, 25 March 2010

Standen - National Trust

Just outside East Grinstead (where we were staying) is Standen, an Arts and Crafts house preserved by the National Trust.  For more information on this house, click on the link. We've visited here many times in the past, but not for a few years now.  This is one of the first places that inspired Chris to make Arts and Crafts furniture.
I love the view of the house from this direction,the naturally weathered oak boarding at the front of those roof gables and the conservatory area on the left are beautiful parts of the architecture of the house.

In the conservatory, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this stunningly vibrant orchid.
As you can see from the reflection, Chris was trying to help me get the best angle on this photo of a copper repousse mirror.  I think it was a bit high up for me! (-: Copper repousse work was one of the major crafts practiced during the Arts and Crafts period. For more information on copper repousse work being done today, click on the link.
After spending about 2 hours wandering around the house, it was time for some fresh air and a walk around the gardens.  The mixture of crocus and daffs around this tree was a lovely splash of colour.
I guess March isn't the best time to visit any garden.  The grotto area is still atmospheric none the less.  Imagine this a bit later in the year, lush with ferns and other foliage!
This was a handy seat where we could rest weary feet!
Chris with his aunt Viv.
The crocus and daffs in this dark and dank area seem almost luminous.
The way out to the top of the garden.
As we were walking around the fruit and vegetable area of the garden, we came across this beautiful bug home, made from old pallets, odd tiles, pots, stones, canes and twigs.  We all completely fell in love with it and Viv and I are determined to make one for our own gardens!
Back home, I've found just the right place for one under my Strawberry Tree. Hopefully, when I've made it, I will do a post on it! (-:


Eve said...

What a great place Jenny! The gardens look like they belong here in Alabama! Beautiful flowers and photos. Love the mirror, and you two in it makes it even better.
Love the bug house. I want to see yours when it's completed. I'll thing about mine as soon as I get some kind of veggie garden in!!

Dog Trot Farm said...

A Bug garden? I have never heard of such a thing, do insects actually move in? I can hear Eve laughing at me know. It is very interesting and I can't wait to see what your's is going to look like. What a cute couple you and Chris make. Your photos lovely as always and I enjoyed the tour.

Mosura said...

Love the bug home! Quite ornamental.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. That looks like a really interesting place and much more than some Nat Trust places around. Always love to see the beautiful crocuses, oh! and high mirrors.{:)

Rural Rambler said...

Good Afternoon Miss Wren! I totally agree with Sunny Side Up Eve and Julie that the pictures of you and Chris are sweet and fun to see. I love the one where you both are reflected in the mirror and it looks like Chris is helping you get the shot :) The crocus and daffies around the big old tree bring a smile! The Arts and Crafts House-stunning. And the window in the conservatory with the orchid is simply beautiful :)

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, I must get over to that reclamation place soon to buy those ridge tiles and maybe some other stuff, slate tiling maybe.....we shall see. I hope you can find somewhere similar where you are!

Hi Julie, it's a big(ish) thing over here to make some sort of bug home in your garden to help bees and lacewings and all sorts of other bugs. This type of home for them will be useful as well as beautiful (apt, since I saw it at an Arts and Crafts house, and this is such a famous William Morris quote).

Hi Alan, yes, I can't wait to try and make one similar.

Hi Roy, yes, I'm not one for NT properties normally, but this one is pretty special to us.

Hi Pix, I'd LOVE to have a conservatory that big, so that I could have some exotic flowers, but ours is very small and north facing and used mostly for practical purposes (not that it isn't nice looking)! (-:

Kelly said...

...what a beautiful place...and I do love that mirror! I've never heard of a bug home. It's fun. That mossy exit to the top of the garden is pretty cool too...

Mary said...

I love that mirror! Gorgeous. The flowers outside are so pretty and so springlike. A bug home? I like it, but not sure I uderstand it?