Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hot and cool in the garden

I took the camera round the garden the other day (it didn't take long). We have a small plot of about 90 foot long by 15 foot wide, tapering down to 5 foot at the end. In this small space is Chris's workshop and his piles of wood ready to be turned into works of art. Anyway, what's left of the garden after that, gets stuffed with flowers and vegetables and here are some of the plants that are showing well at the moment. I graded them from hot colours through to lovely cool blues.
A lovely wine red Hydrangea (the colour is a bit deeper than shown here).
Some fiery hot Calendulas.
A nice mix of Poppies.
I have a soft spot for Primulas even though they seem to struggle in my garden.
This soft yellow one below has the most gorgeous, delicate scent. I think it is Primula Florindae.
Both Chris and I love Ferns and we're building up a nice collection gradually.
One of my Hostas escaped the snails this year!
This is an Allium, but I can't remember which one, maybe Frank could help me out?
Another of my favourites is Salvias, this one is East Freisland I think.
This Clematis was sold as a clump forming variety last year! This year it seems to want to escape its clumpy personality. I don't mind really, it looks good rambling over the rocks around the pond.
This is our first try of growing Sweat Peas. Lovely cool shades!

Another Hydrangea, this one a cool blue.
It's also a double flower. Lovely!
Well, I couldn't get out in the garden without my under-gardener helping out. She doesn't do much work, but likes to find a comfy spot to lounge around and delegate!

Her seat is actually a log of Holly that Chris will be cutting up shortly to use for inlay work.
You'll have to find somewhere else next time Pops!


The Early Birder said...

Lovely selection Jen. Love the hot colours just as much as the cool ones. I think the Allium looks like A. beesianum...worth a search just to check. That 2nd shot of Pops is priceless...arm resting..just keeping an eye on you!
BTW I seem to recall the view at Acres Down but I can't actually remember if I saw a Honey..poor memory!

Jenny said...

Thanks for that Frank, I'll have to look it up and see. Yes, Poppy does seem to manage some good poses! (-:

Chris said...

Hi Jen,
what a beautiful garden you have!! These are gorgeous shots and I hope that our garden was so beautiful but it is so hard to get flowers over here!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers displayed at the Frome Flower Show.{:}
Really Jen they are lovely, my favourite has to be the Sweet Pea, never absent from a proper Somerset Garden.

Rural Rambler said...

Some beautiful flowers and a Poppy Cat for me to start my morning! The oranges and red at the top are vibrant and I really like the Calendulas! I love Poppies and your yellow and orange ones have happy faces this morning. Jen the black and white lounging delegating Poppy is priceless and her garden face has the look of either pure contentment or a bit of attitude :) I wouldn't couldn't take her Holly log from her! But oh beautiful inlay work :)

Shelley said...

Loved your hydrangea - one of my favorite flowers! (I had green & white ones as my centerpieces at my wedding.) And that kitty of yours is so precious and obviously enjoying life!

Eve said...

These are SO beautiful Jenny. I had Calendulas and think I would like to get some more now that you remind me. ALSO Sweet Pea, I would love to try that. Your ferns are beautiful...the pots are perfect! I'm so inspired!!!
And Poppy!!! What can I say!!!

Mary said...

Who needs a big garden when you have all that lovliness in a small space? I've never seen a red hydrangea and I like the other one, too. Beautiful! Poppy is the star of the garden....just the right color to go with all that beauty and stand out :-)

It's Time to Live said...

I want to be the cat!

Quiet Paths said...

She is just adorable - by the way. And, your flowers are gorgeous. You reminded me that I need to find some sweet peas for next year. You have such a variety of flowers.

did I tell you that Zoe was missing for 16 days?? She came back unharmed but thin.