Monday, 5 July 2010

New Forest weekend - Acres Down and home

Having spent the morning at Needs Ore Point, we headed inland to a well known place to see Honey Buzzards (a rare summer visitor to Britain). First things first though, was finding a shady spot to have lunch!
We needed a good view overlooking the New Forest in order to search for Honey Buzzards and Acres Down is one of the more well known spots to come for this purpose. It was hot out in the open, but luckily for us, there was a blissful breeze to encourage us. After about an hour of scrutinising small dots in the distance trying to make one of them into our target species, we were rewarded with a reasonably close scope view of one. This was a life bird for a couple of our group, always a good way to end a club weekend! (-:
Again, this area of the New Forest seemed to be filled with Birch, though there is plenty of Oak and Holly as well as Pine too.
A particularly striking growth on this large Birch tree, caused by some sort of irritant.
The Pine cones were full of deep rich colouring.

A lovely pure white wild Rose flower.
Large Skipper enjoying the sunshine.

And finally, just to show you that it's not just ponies that roam wild in this part of the country (the speed limit throughout the New Forest is 40mph)
Just before this weekend, I thought that it was going to be too hot to be a successful birding weekend. I was proved more than wrong!


Anonymous said...

Yes lovely rich colour on those Pine Cones Jen.
It is always a nice trip to that area. I would like to explore it more. Must be great for local birders and countryside enthusiasts.

loveable_homebody said...

I never thought I'd say that pine cones are beautiful! Maybe it's just the lighting?

Those butterflies are sweet. I love the ones with the fuzzy bodies.

I'm amused by those cows taking their time across the street. I bet they were amused too. Cheeky buggers!

Chris said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for sharing this with us. it looks like you enjoyed your time there ;-)

Rural Rambler said...

EveryBODY looks like they are having such a nice time Jen. I have a "thing" about pine cones. Have them on our fireplace. The ones you shot are beautifully colored. The wild Rose, beautiful and delicate :) Very pretty. The growth on that poor Birch. Oy.

sebi_2569 said...

superb blog; nice photo; congratulation

Mary said...

The pine cones, the rose, the skipper....all beautiful! I like finding different types of pinecones. I'll have to look up a Honey Buzzard since I've never seen one. I'm glad you had such a successful trip!

Eve said...

Yep I have to agree the pine cones are very nice! But I've heard of the song..."who let the dogs out" the title of one of my previous posts...but now I'm singing..."who let the cows out"!!!!