Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rodden Nature Reserve in the Snow

Well, I've had a pretty long break from blogging for various reasons. I've found though, that I've missed the blogging friends I made and want to try and get back into sharing my natural adventures on here again.

We've had some snow here in Somerset over the last few days (most of it has gone now though), but I managed to get out to my local Rodden Nature Reserve the other day while the sun was shining to see what was about. 

Below is the scene that greeted me at the entrance to the reserve. In the background on the right is the Mill house which isn't actually on the reserve but sits on the other side of the River Frome which runs along the western edge of the reserve. In the foreground is a lovely skeleton of the Teasel plant. It's actually more decorative and noticeable at this time of year!

Here is a closer view of the River Frome. The reserve lake is either fed or feeds into the River, depending on the water levels. 

It was close to the river where I managed to creep up to this singing Robin. They are one of the few British birds that sings throughout the whole year. Always a joy to hear! 

I love the play of shadows on the snow covering the uneven tufty grass on the meadow here.

We have some bird feeders on the reserve. Unfortunately there were in deep shade, but I got some photos of both male and female Reed Buntings which have adapted to the feeders well. They're not very sharp photos I'm afraid! The next 3 photos are of the male. In summer his bib and head would be jet black.

Here's the plainer female.

This is one of my favourite parts of the reserve to just stand and soak the place up. It's furthest from the road and consequently the quietest part of the reserve. You can see the main lake is completely frozen over. All the ducks have left temporarily.

This is a smaller area of water adjoining the main lake and is very good in summer for dragonflies and damselflies. 

The reedmace always looks lovely in the sunshine and I can never resist taking a photo!

Back at the feeders, this Robin and Bluetit were posing nicely together. A lovely splash of colour even if they weren't in the bright sunshine! (-:

I'll hope to post again soon when I've taken more photos!


Roy Norris said...

Lovely snowy scenes Jen and the Reed Bunting shots are just great.

Mary said...

So good to see you back blogging again! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what had happened to you. Blogging can be a pain sometimes, but it does help you meet the nicest people all around the world. I don't blog as regularly as I once did. Every time I take a photo, it looks like all the ones I have posted a hundred times in the past. Your Reserve looks lovely in the snow. Your robin looks a lot happier then the one I have right now! LOL The Reed Bunting looks a lot like the House Sparrow, but I guess if it had its black head, it wouldn't. Welcome back!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Jenny, I have missed you, so happy to have you back in the world of blogging! Miss Eve is a working women now, no time for blogging just facebook. E-mail her, she would be so happy to hear from you. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

Anonymous said...

Jenny! Welcome Back!! You have been missed. The Reserve is wintry lovely. Your robins across the pond are so different than our. Very sweet!

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, thanks, it's a shame that the sun never gets to that part of the reserve (surrounded by dense trees). We've been having redpolls coming to the niger seed but I've not managed to get a pic yet, they're very twitchy!

Hi Mary, yes in the spring, that male Reed Bunting will look very smart with his black bib and hood! It's good to be back! (-:

Hi Julie, yes, I chat to her on FB sometimes though not recently. I'll have to try and persuade her to blog even if it's just a bit. She took such great photos! Is she full time?

Pix!!! Hi there! I'll have to look at your new blog and add it to my blog list! How are you? Yes, our little Robin is more than 1/2 the size of yours! I love yours though and have even seen a couple of them on this side of the pond! Poor things had been blown off course in the autumn!

Frank said...

Hi Jen. Thanks for dropping by and it's good to see you posting again as well.
Thanks for a delightful snowy tour around Rodden and great to see those lovely Reed Buntings.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Hi Jenny! No kidding, I was just thinking about you earlier this afternoon, and wondered how you were doing. I'm glad to have you back in the saddle.

It may be cause I was thinking about you, Frank and Roy. Becky and I scored 6 great antique Selby prints at an antique shop yesterday. They are steller. They got me thinking about the three of you.

Eve said...

I was thinking the same thing Jenny! I've got to get my computer back to a useable condition. Your post is beautiful as ever! And look at all our friends are here!!! Like old times!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Frank, thanks, I do love Reed Buntings. I love the way they flick their tails, showing off those bright white outer tail feathers!

Hi Steve, I'm glad to be back in the saddle too! It's heavy rain here for the next few days, so nothing new for a bit me thinks unless I post about my trip to Morocco, maybe I'll do that! (-:

Hi there Evie, yes, very much like old times. I'd love to see some of your wonderful photos again! I'll keep nagging you! (-;

TonyC said...

Welcome back to Blogland Jen. Ah!! snow, I remember that!! LOL Weare in the midst of some very wierd weather at the moment. Bush fires at one end of the country and floods at the other.

Caroline Gill said...

A lovely snowy wonderland post!

ShySongbird said...

Hi Jenny, Thank you very much for letting me know you are blogging again, such a nice surprise :-)

I enjoyed your post, what a lovely reserve you have near you, I can see you could spend many happy hours there. Lovely to see the Reed Buntings, I always think the male is very striking. I love the last, very colourful photo of the Robin and Blue Tit and of course the Robin in full song.

I shall visit as often as I can :-)

Jenny said...

Hi Tony, what sort of weather are you having in Adelaide at the moment? I guess it's getting on for autumn for you?

Hi Caroline, thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll hope to be able to get out and about again....once it stops raining!!! (-:

Hi Jan, yes, I'll try and get over there as often as possible. It's great to see buds start to emerge and new bird song start up. I'll be waiting for the first Chiffchaff with great anticipation! (-:

missing moments said...

Glad you are back and sharing your delightful photos!

Jenny said...

Thanks Reena, it's good to be back! (-:

Kelly said...

Glad to see you're back! Beautiful snowy tour of the reserve, and the photos of the Reed Buntings are lovely. The little Robin redbreast is so cute!