Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rodden Nature Reserve - after the snow!

I've had a bit of a wait to get down to the Reserve again after the snow. First it rained A LOT!!! And then it was flooded down there (obviously as a result of all the rain). I also needed to invest in a new pair of wellies as my old ones leaked.
So, armed with a brand spanking new pair of wellies, my bins, and two cameras and my notebook, I set off to wade around the Reserve! I've tried to take photos in similar positions to my last post so that you can see the differences.

Just down from the entrance and you can see in the photo below, the Mill House and part of the main lake. 
You can also see a rather obvious Wren shadow taking the photo!!! (-:

Over a couple of days, I took photos of the River Frome, the first was taken on my first visit there after the snows and you can see it's quite flooded. The second was taken this morning when the River has subsided somewhat!
There is usually a Grey Heron and sometimes two around the Reserve. They tend to be very skittish, so this is an heavily cropped view of the one I saw today.
Here's the same shot I took when the snow on the tufted grass showed up so well. It's not quite such an interesting scene without the snow is it!!! (-:
A friend had e-mailed last night to say that there were four Goosanders on the lake the previous day. Today there was just the one female hanging around.  I managed to get a couple of shots before it got spooked by a Grey Heron flying overhead. 
This area below is my favourite part of the Reserve. I like to stop here and look and listen. Stand and stare if you like!  You can see how much more water there is about!

I took a photo of the path I was walking/wading along! It came halfway up my new wellies! Very squelchy!
Here's a photo of the small pond area that is such a good place for damsels and dragons later in the year. It's also good for frog and toad spawn! I'll be looking out for that shortly.
I'll finish off with a scene of domestic bliss. This pair of Canada Geese has laid claim to the artificial floating island that we installed a couple of years ago. 
I'm not sure when I'm going to get out and about again, so I might post some photos from my trip to Morocco from last February soon!


Anonymous said...

Trip to Morocco!??? WooHoo!
That is a very sweet Wren in your header Jenny Wren! So nice to see your pictures of the happenings at the Reserve Jenny.

Roy Norris said...

With the Goosander putting in an appearance and the Canadas settling in, it looks promising for the year Jen. There are some nice shades of brown in the images and of course will turn green soon.

Jenny said...

Hi Pix, I didn't get the best photos in the world in Morocco, but it will give a good flavour of the place. That header is one of the baby wrens I took pics of at the Reserve in 2011 (when I last blogged!!!)

Hi Roy, yes, with the sun quite low in the sky, the colours were lovely, specially for the Goosander and Geese which were in the same part of the reserve. I'm looking forward to Spring shoots starting to appear and the first Chiffchaff song. Shouldn't be too long now! (-:

ShySongbird said...

Lovely views of the reserve again Jenny. I'm quite envious as I don't have a decent sized reserve very close to me, a car journey of more than twenty miles is necessary. Lovely photo of the Heron, one of my favourite birds. Love the Goosanders too, such elegant birds I think.

Jenny said...

Hi Jan, until Asda had to 'make' this reserve as part of the deal to build their supermarket a few years ago, I didn't have a local reserve either. I do feel lucky to have it so close and to help manage it!

Kelly said...'s very different after the snow. Your grass is so green! Ours is winter brown. I'd love to see photos of Morocco!

Jenny said...

Hi Kelly, yes, we're lucky to keep some green grass through the winter over here! I'll post some Morocco pics shortly! (-:

TonyC said...

2 cameras?? come on then ..spill the beans. what new camera did you get? Love the Goosander shots!!

Jenny said...

Nothing new Tony! Still using my old Nikon D40X for birds etc and my Canon G11 point and shoot for landscapes/scenes. I do want to get something new instead of the Nikon. Will have to wait for later in the year for that though! (-: What do you use by the way?

Mary said...

Lovely Goosander shots! This always looks like such a great place. Glad you got some new boots so you can stomp around getting photos for us :-) I like your new wren header shot, too. Such a dark looking wren..young? I hope you decide you don't need the word is so hard to read at times.

Jenny said...

Hi Mary, yes it's a young wren that was on the Reserve back in 2011. You can see some down feathers on its head still if you look carefully. I didn't realise I had the word verification on, I've turned it off now hopefully! (-: