Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ramblings at Rodden Reserve

Here are some photos I took over a couple of days down at my local reserve which I help manage.

It was that time of year to check over and clean out the next boxes in time for spring. Here's our chairman Mick cleaning out a open type box suitable for Robins or Flycatchers.
Some of the bird boxes are up higher and so I went up the ladder to check out the next one. This with a hole at the front suitable for various members of the Tit family.
 A frosty path leading to the end of the Reserve. Beyond is pastureland for cows.
I was chuffed to find a group of Lesser Redpolls feeding on one of their favourite foods, the seeds of the Alder tree.  The only trouble was that the tree was across the River Frome, so these shots were taken from a distance and are heavily cropped. 
There are signs that spring is on the way. The Pussy Willow (Salix cuprea) is just starting to show.
The Hazel catkins have been out a while but are still giving a good display. I love the sunlight showing through them here.
Winter is still very much with us though and the skeletal Teasel plants are obvious at this time of year. In the early morning mist.......
I can almost never pass Bullrushes without taking a photo. (-:
I'll end with a couple of general shots from around the Reserve. The one below is a smaller lake area closer to the supermarket. I don't often walk around this part. 
The main lake looking towards my favourite part of the Reserve. 


Roy Norris said...

Some lovely shots Jen, I know what you mean about bullrushes and who can resist taking shots of Catkins either. Nice to see a a lot of Redpoll. I have only seen a flock of 3 this winter.

ShySongbird said...

It must be really interesting to be actively involved in the reserve Jenny (not sure about teetering about on ladders though!!) and of course to have it close to home.

Lovely catkin and Pussy Willow photos, it's always a joy to find the first of the year. Well done on the lovely Redpolls too, I only ever get distant photos of them, yours look closer than those I've managed.

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, Those Redpoll were a real bonus, specially as the sun was out and behind me. It's a shame the Alder was across the river, but I shouldn't complain!

Hi Jan, it is interesting to be a part of a group managing the Reserve. We keep invasive species like Himalyan Balsam at bay and do surveys. Not all of the Reserve is open to the public during the breeding season, but is open from August to January.

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Very nice walk Jenny! I love pussy willows and the Hazel catkin. Looks like you haven't been lacking any rain as opposed to our drought conditions in Missouri.

Jenny said...

You're right Pix, we've had lots of rain and even when dry, it's been pretty grey here. I'm dying to see some beautiful blue sky again!!! Off to Cornwall birding this Saturday till Tuesday, so hope to get some pics then! (-:

Eve said...

Your photos are lovely as ever Jenny! And of course that Teasel caught my eye right off!