Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Welsh trip - Part 2 - Other wildlife on Skomer

Having OD'd on Puffins (never!), this post has all the other birds and wildlife we saw on Skomer that day. This area below was particularly good for Puffins, Kittiwakes and Fulmars. It was also incredibly windy!!!
I spent quite a while trying to get some decent photos of the Fulmars as they flew up and down and around this area. Unfortunately the sun was almost directly facing me. I did manage a few shots though. 
 A Raven  overhead with its lovely 'kronking' call.
 Back on the ground this Meadow Pipit was busy looking for food. 
 Striding out!
There were a few Northern Wheatears breeding on the island. I didn't get close to any so these are distant shots, heavily cropped. I've included them as they are such stunning looking birds!
 We found a wide part of the path to just sit and watch the Puffins for a while.
 One of the numerous rabbits breeding on the island. This one was a bit shy! (-:
Among the more normal rabbits were some completely black ones. This one wasn't so shy! (-:
 The nearest we got to seeing a Manx Shearwater on this trip was as a carcass I'm afraid. They spend the day out at sea and come in to their burrows just as it's getting dark to try and avoid getting predated by the gulls. Some still get picked off though. Shame!
 After spending 5 hours on the island, it was time to make our way back to the boat.  While waiting for the boat to arrive, I managed to get some shots of a Razorbill which was perched on the cliff just below us. 
The view looking from Skomer back to the mainland of south west Wales in the distance.
On the boat back there were a couple of photo opportunities as the crossing was a lot calmer! An agile Herring Gull which caught scraps in mid air thrown by the captain. It was too close to get properly full frame!
 And finally some Northern Gannets which were diving for fish reasonably close to us.
 There'll be more from South Wales in my next post.


Roy Norris said...

Nice flight shots of the Fulmer and the Raven Jen.
Lovely Mippet and Razorbill shots as well.

Anonymous said...

More gorgeous images Jenny, I particularly like the Fulmars since they are one of my favourite birds (I think they have such lovely and kind faces). I've never been to Skomer but it certainly looks a very beautiful and fascinating place :-)

ShySongbird said...

It really does look like a wonderful place and you took some lovely photos Jenny. After Puffins, Gannets are my next favourite seabird, they look so distinctive. Love the Fulmar shots and that shy Rabbit :-) Until I saw a black Rabbit not far from me last year I didn't realise there were any in the wild.

Jenny said...

Thanks Roy. I wish the Fulmars had been in better light. They're not bad but could have been so much better.

Hi David, I love Fulmars too such acrobats in the air. I could've stayed and watched them for hours, well I did for at least an hour! (-;

Hi Jan, yes I imagine those black rabbits have to watch their backs as they're so noticable. The Greater Black backed Gulls would make a meal of them me thinks!

TonyC said...

Lovely shots Jen

Chris said...

Hi Jen,
Looks like Icelandic birding sites ;-) At least in terms of species, not landscapes... Beautiful shots you got... As I'm happy to visit you again, I took the freedom to add your site to my fav blog ;-)

Mary said...

Looks like you found some great birding on this trip. I love that little black rabbit, too.

Chris said...

Hi Jen,
This looks like home.... But I never got the species you got with so nice pictures. Wonderful set, and honestly I'm dreaming of beautiful pictures like this of gannet and razorbills....