Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Welsh trip - Part 3

Well apologies for the absence. First I had major laptop problems and then real life got in the way for a while! Back to Wales.......after getting off the boat back from Skomer, we went to a little reserve just down the road called Marloes Mere. 
 There were some Barn Swallows swooping and chattering around the car park and a couple settled briefly. I managed to get a couple of shots. 
The Gorse was in full flower and we were assaulted by its wonderful coconut scent as we walked along the lane.
I think this Dunnock was enjoying the scent too! (-:
One of the reasons we came to this little reserve was that there had been a report of a Glossy Ibis there. We didn't find it at first but some patient sitting in the small hide finally produced a sight of this amazing bird in flight. No photos as it was quite distant, but while we were waiting for the Ibis, we were entertained by a Coot going back and forth with nesting material. 
 The reflection of a Gorse bush made for a lovely photo opportunity.
The final part of my Welsh trip will be in the next post which hopefully wont take so long to get up! (-:


Roy Norris said...

Lovely shots of the Swallow Jen.

Anonymous said...

Lovely images Jenny and I really like the last few shots of the Coot and the yellow reflection from the Gorse :-) Nice Swallows too and the 2nd of the Dunnock shots is excellent :-)

ShySongbird said...

Hi Jenny, I know what you mean, 'real life' can be a darned nuisance sometimes ;-) I thought about you by the way the other day when it was on the news about the boat with 48 passengers hitting rocks and in danger of sinking off Skomer!

Anyway, you have lovely photos here again, I especially like the Swallows. Very well done on the Glossy Ibis, your patience was rewarded :-)

Mary said...

Glad you saw the ibis even without photos. The coot photos are great....they are such odd birds.