Thursday, 13 November 2008

Bird survey part 2

Carrying on from yesterdays post, I left the muddy lane and took this permissive footpath which leads to....... ......this field with these three beautifully coloured Oak trees, they really stood out against the slate grey clouds. Behind me the sun was still shining strongly. As I walked to the top of this hill, there were lots of Redwings and Fieldfare in mixed flocks flying over me. These are thrushes that come over to winter with us from northern Europe and Scandanavia. They are generally pretty skittish and unfortunately so far I haven't had the chance to get any photographs of these beautifully marked birds. Another footpath along a wooded hedgerow leads me to...... ......some sheep pasture. I don't mind sheep at all, I guess this is because they're not 1/2 a ton of unpredictable meat on legs. (-: They did take quite an interest in me. I bet they thought, what's this mad woman doing wandering around the countryside with camera and binoculars! I'm away for a couple of days now, so the last installment of my Buckland Dinham bird survey will probably be on Sunday when I have a surprise photo for my friend Evie (-:


Mosura said...

Looking forward to the next installment. Used to get plenty of Fieldfares up where I was. I used to put apples out for them.

Eve said...

OOHHH I can't wait Jenny Wren! I hope you're having a great time. The pictures are just beautiful...even without the birds. I love the footpaths and those silly sheep! We'll just call them "predictable sweaters on legs"!

Jenny said...

Hi Alan, I'm soooo enjoying doing these BTO Atlas surveys, will be quite sad when they finish in 2011 mind you, I will still have my usual BTO surveys to do I guess.

Hi Evie, love it, sweaters on legs! (-: Usually, I just say 'mint sauce, mint sauce' as I pass by! That's not nice is it! (-:
Yours in kinder.

Anonymous said...

This walk just gets better and better Jen.
I have seen one flock of Fieldfare so far, but no Redwing.
Anyway "Hurdle Boxers" (that's sheep Evie) dont take much notice of little Wrens.

Eve said...

Jenny the "mint sause" just made me Laugh!!
and Roy you are so kind to translate for me!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, that walk was the first time this winter that I've seen decent numbers of the winter thrushes, more fieldfares than redwings. Hadn't heard of hurdle boxers before either!?1

Hi Evie, glad that made you laugh, but I defintely prefer your sweaters on legs! (-:

Mary said...

These are great and I'm really enjoying this walk with you. Those oak trees are really pretty right now. I think I would be as nervous of the sheep as the cows...maybe not. Would need to remember not to wear a wool sweater and upset them :-)