Monday, 3 November 2008

Cley next the sea in Norfolk

This was our bed and breakfast accommodation which was in Cley village (pronounced like eye). Very comfortable room and a brilliant full english breakfast! We needed it as we'd got up and out at 6.30 for an early morning sea-watch for two hours prior to breakfast. The sea-watch was quite productive with some good birds being seen. There were many Common Scoter in small flocks flying past, mainly females and we had three Bonxies (Great Skua) chasing gulls. There were a few Divers (loons) too, mainly Red-throated and a late Arctic Tern and some Little Gulls. One of my favourite birds that morning though was a beautifully marked juv Kittiwake. They are such smart looking birds.
Also at Cley nature reserve are extensive reedbeds and I took this photo just at dusk. I loved the dramatic clouds that were just about to cover the setting sun. The light on the reeds had a lovely warmth to it. This is not the best shot for detail of these Brent Geese, but I liked the silhouettes that they made in this photo. These last two photos were taken just at dusk on Cley beach. One of my friends, like me was taking photos and one was busy sea-watching.

It was a great if short trip to one of the best birding spots in this country. I really need a week there one day!


Eve said...

This is great Jenny! Especially in full size!! The endless beach is amazing! I had a flock of Brants fly over here once! It is a rare thing here! What a good trip that was!

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, glad you enjoyed it. I did too! That endless beach of shingle is part of the sea defence for north Norfolk which is gradually being eroded away. It's a bit of a losing battle against the sea up there. Brants and Brents are one and the same. They have a fabulous noise,it's described in Collins Bird Guide as a gutteral rhut!

Anonymous said...

Great scene shots Jen. Did you see many Brent?
I must get over to Titchwell soon if they are about now.

Mosura said...

You're getting to some great spots.

Love the big photos!

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, Brents, not in big numbers as yet. Saw a massive flock of Pink Foots over the fields near Holkham, wish we'd been closer to hear them too.

Hi Alan
Another place I would really LOVE to get back to pretty soon is Scotland (your territory). Just need to get my friends interested too! (-:

Mary said...

Sounds great! Glad you had a good time and saw so many birds.