Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A day at the beach!

I'd promised Chris a day at the beach once the kids had gone back to school. Last Friday's forecast was for a nice sunny day and for once it was right! One of our favourite places to visit since we'd first started going out together back in 1980 was Charmouth on the south coast of England.We hadn't been here for years, so it was lovely to revisit this old haunt for the day. This stretch of England is part of what is called the Jurassic coast. It is famous for its fantastic fossil finds. These crumbly shale cliffs are filled with fossils. This particular spot is where we decided to spend our time.There is something very soothing and relaxing just sitting and watching waves. We don't often get the chance to just sit together and unwind in the fresh air with the sight and sound of the sea. It was wonderful!It wasn't really a birdy day, but I spotted this Black-headed Gull sitting amongst the sparkles on the sea and couldn't resist snapping a shot.Just a couple of weeks ago, this beach would have been swamped with families on a day out. Today it was sparsely occupied. This particular cliff is famously called The Golden cap.As we were sitting there minding our own business, enjoying the waves, we, all of a sudden, became aware of the muted but distinct noise of a Chinook helicopter. We were both astonished to see this large army helicopter bank over the far cliffs and start heading in our direction along the beach.As it got closer and closer, I couldn't believe how low it was flying along the beach. I guesstimated it was flying at about 60 to 100 feet! The noise was incredible!
I'm not sure what it was doing, whether it was on some sort of official maneuvers or what.
But it was a pretty amazing experience none the less.We did decide to try and find a fossil to take home with us. In the past we've found some beautiful fresh iron pyrites ammonites, but on this occasion, this is the best we could find! You can just about make out the shape of an ammonite there......can't you? (-: Hmmmm!On the walk back to the car I noticed the quilt like shapes in the sand that the water had made around the small stones on the sandy part of the beach. It was a lovely day trip out together. I'll have to make sure it's not years before we come here again!


Eve said...

This is a beautiful post Jenny! How exciting! I can see the little swirl of that fossil! How cool! Please go often!!!

Chris said...

Hi Jenny,
What a fantastic beach visit you got there! And you took time to take nice pictures of it.. I guess you enjoyed it!

TonyC said...

Whats this Jenny, you becoming a plane spotter too....LOL!! Great shots and a lovely story. You ands chris should get out mor often!!

dog trot farm said...

Jenny, what a lovely spot. I can invision you and Chris walking hand in hand. Might you have found any sand dollars?

Steve B said...

What fun. Our beach combers pick up sea glass. This looks like good fun.

John said...

It is a lovely spot there, I know it very well, have walked along the coastline there. Beautiful. Love the photos and the large bird was amazing ; ) they just do not look real, but the work they do is amazing.

Lovely post Jenny.


Rural Rambler said...

This is a wonderful post Jenny. What a beautiful spot to spend with Chris for the day. And fun knowing that you and Chris visited here just when you were starting to date. CH thought the pictures of the big, big bird were very cool and couldn't believe they were that low where they were.

You live in a beautiful place with so many different views!

Kelly said...

...beautiful....the Jurassic Coast...how cool! It's like that helicopter was looking for you! Sure it was a bit intimidating to see that huge thing swoop past...they are amazing. Glad you got down to one of your favorite older haunts!

Quiet Paths said...

I truly enjoyed those ocean shots. You knew I would, huh? I don't doubt you went home a bit more refreshed. What a gorgeous coastline.

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, Yep, I think that was a Lesser spotted Chinook we saw there! Very rare! (-: I will try and drag Chris down there again for sure!

Hi Chris, yes we did really enjoy the day. I wish we could have spent a bit more time to see the tide turn and the sun go down...maybe another time.

Hi Tony, HA! I don't think I could ever live up to your train....sorry, plane spotter image! (-: I will try and get Chris away from the workshop more.

Hi Julie, we actually took photos of eachother along the beach, but they weren't blogable! (-: We did indeed wander at waves edge hand in hand, studying the ground alot for fossils. It was fun! Er, what a sand $ please?

Hi Steve, it really is alot of fun when you find a really fresh fossil. It wasn't to be this day, but we still had alot of fun.

Hi John, thanks, yes it is a beautiful part of the country. I really must make sure we go back again soon.

Hi Pix, yes it was great to remember our visits there all those years ago.....something like 25 years ago now! I really couldn't believe how low that coper came along the beach. Quite something to see.

Hi Kelly, if you're interested, check our www.jurassiccoast.com for info on that area of coastline.

Hi Christine, yes I did think of you when I was taking the views along the coast and the waves. I know you're a proper job water babe! (-:

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day out Jen and I am glad you got the time out like that. It is nice to visit that and any part of the Jurassic coastline.

(If you think it was noisy flying by, you want to try riding in the back - deafening.) {:)

Mary said...

That beach looks so inviting. I've always loved the water and could sit by the ocean for hours. Cliffs, fossils, water, sand, birds...what's not to love?? Love the last shot...it really does look like a quilt that's been tied.

Quiet Paths said...

Proper job water babe!

I love that! Do you have a copyright on that phrase? If not I'm going to trade mark it! (-:

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, I think the Jurassic coast goes all the way to Portland doesn't it? WOW! Being in the back of one of those monsters must've been quite an experience!

Hi Mary, I'm glad you liked that last shot, it was taken with you in mind! (-:

Hi Christine, it does suit you I think! Feel free! (-: By the way, 'proper job' is a west country saying, not that I'm originially from the west country, but I have been for 20 odd years now! Must blend in with the locals! (-:

Anonymous said...

Yes Jen, running up the tail gate into the back when the rotors are going around at a rate of knots gets quite interesting as well. {:)

eileeninmd said...

Looks like a lovely day! Nice weather for the beach and beautiful skies. The moths were neat too.