Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Wiltshire landscape

These two photos were taken last week when I went to a favourite spot for birding and walking in Wiltshire. (Click to enlarge).I love clouds like this that seem to march across the sky, specially when there's not much to interrupt the view.Many thanks to the people who help make Sky Watch Friday happen. For more scatterings of skies from across the world click on the icon at the top of my blog.


Dewdrop said...

Those clouds make me want to lay down on the ground and look for cloud shapes! Gorgeous!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love clouds like that too, and that combination with the colour of the late August / early September fields after harvesting is just beautiful.

Amanda said...

wow!!! the clouds look like they could touch the ground!!! beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

Really superb images Jen.
"The rolling fields of Wiltshire."

Tara R. said...

I love wide open spaces like this. It makes the sky look like it goes on forever. Lovely shots.

Regina said...

Such a wonderful skies!

April said...

I like these kind of cloudy days. Beautiful rolling countryside!

Eve said...

Just beautiful Jenny Wren!

Tabib said...

Beautiful sky!
I think I see crop circle down there. ;))

Kelly said... looks like you could reach up and touch those clouds they are so huge and fluffy! With such an expansive landscape, it must have been amazing to look up at them.

Rural Rambler said...

Jenny they are scrumptious clouds and having them "march across" those beautiful fields makes me feel like all is right in the world. Beautiful Wiltshire sky pictures Jenny!

Dirk said...

Nice landscape views. I also loved the pictures of the birds and the butterflies, great shots!

lizziviggi said...

Breathtaking! I love the combination of blue and gold that we only see this time of year.

Quiet Paths said...

Now that was a gorgeous day! Quite serene and lovely, Jenny. Want to have lunch on that hill top? I'll bring the sandwiches.

Jenny said...

Hi Dewdrop, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I should have done that. Nice and relaxing! (-:

Hi Postcards, I have to agree with you that the colours are always lovely at this time of year!

Hi Amanda, thanks, they are pretty lovely as clouds go arn't they! (-:

Hi Roy, yes it's funny how some counties have a certain 'look' to them. I love that openess.

Hi Tara, yes, it does give that feeling which is something I love.

Hi Regina, thanks.

Hi April, one of my favourite types of countryside too.

Hi Evie, I agree totally.

Hi Tabib, well, wiltshire has it's fair share of them there crop circles! Not that I've seen any for a while. (-:

Hi Kelly, yes it was one of those beautiful days when you have to breath deep and smile! (-:

Hi Pix, yes they look good enough to eat I think! (-:

Hi Dirk, thanks for that, and thanks for scrolling further down! (-;

Hi Liz, yes, that colour combination is hard to beat!

Hi Christine, I'm game. I'll bring the cider! (-:

Chris said...

Hi Jenny,
yes the combination gold-field blue sky is gorgeous...A beautiful skywatch!

Mary said...

Beautiful over the fields of grain!

Arija said...

Ilove your concave anf convex lansdcapes with beautiful summer skies.

Jenny said...

Hi Chris, thanks.

Hi Mary, yes it was a beautiful day. We need to take them when they come along over here right now!

Hi Arija, thank you, I'm glad you noticed that! (-: