Sunday, 6 September 2009

Golden bugs and pink plants.

I spent a couple of hours around my local nature reserve this morning. There is a definite feel of autumn in the air now. Here are some of the things I saw whilst wandering.
This Bumble Bee below Bombus pascuorum (according to one of my insect books) is probably one of the most cuddly looking bugs there is! (in my opinion) (-:It favours rough old pasture and builds its nest in low vegetation or just below the soil and is one of the last Bumble Bees to be seen in autumn.This is one very sweet bee! (feeding on water mint by the way).The Purple Loosetrife is nearly over, but I saw these wayward wands waving in the slight breeze.I've put this very tatty Small Copper in specially for Pix at Rural Rambles as she has a thing for these slightly worn butterflies. Enjoy Pix! (-:
More from my walk in my next post.


Rural Rambler said...

Jenny I have to say that this is just such a fun enjoyable post for me tonight. We are almost finished with the Mama's move, exhausted and this is a nice end of the day post. The Small Copper has to be the most tattered you have posted. It is very pretty in its tattered way, it must have some grand adventurous stories to tell. Thanks for thinking of me with respect to those tattered flutterbys!

The Purple Loosestrife I admired in a photo way back in early summer, a whole field of it-gorgeous. Can't believe we are coming to Autumn and the end of all the vibrant colors. Not that there is not beauty in the winter hues. And your Bumble is a bristly fuzzy combination of harvest gold. Our bumbles don't have that consistent gold color. They have alot of black and don't look so fuzzy friendly. It almost looks like a fuzzy caterpillar with wings! I have a couple of our mostly black bumbles on my photo blog. Thanks and Good Night Wren or Good Morning!

Quiet Paths said...

I am staring at these tonight over and over. Just wonderful, Jenny. The colors are like a painting. Wow, you topped off my day perfectly. Thanks for that and have a perfect tomorrow. (Oh, it's already tomorrow at your house; well I'm hope it's great.)

Mary said...

A fuzzy little bee on a fuzzy looking flower...nice combo! Those do seem a lot fluffier than the bees I see here regularly. I'm not good at knowing one kind from another. I'm always amazed that such tattered butterflies can still fly. A very nice post!

Eve said...

Hi Jenny! I like that flower with the fuzzy fellow too! Your photos are just great. I love that loosetrife compostion. A sweet small copper with a nice tone!
Morgan and I are laughing about your verification word "zzzles"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I much prefer the fuzzy fellows to those smaller nasty yellow and black ringed things. Lovely shots.

Jenny said...

Good Evening Pix or rather Good Afternoon! (-: Glad you liked the tatty butterfly and the teddy bear like bee.

Hi Christine, I've often done the same with your scenic photos, gone back to look at them again and wished I was in them! (-:

Hi Mary, it's not one that I've particularly noticed before either. There's always something new to notice!

Hi Evie, that's weird, cos when I took that Loosetrife photo I was think to myself, this is an Evie type photo! Truely! (-:

Hi Roy, I have to agree with you, though I do think they're quite handsome bugs....from a distance! (-:

Chris said...

HI Jenny,
The contrast flower-bee is beautiful. I especially love the third shot, it is very well composed and I love the light!

Kelly said...

...that is one fuzzy bumble! He does look soft enough to cuddle. I too am a fan of the ratty-tatty butterflies. I've even found some lovely tatty dragonfly wings.

Jenny said...

Hi Chris, that third shot is my favourite too.

Hi Kelly, cuddly though he looks, I think I'll leave him to his nectar gathering in peace!