Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Picking up pots.

Today, Chris and I went to Meon Pottery near Petersfield in Hampshire to pick up some pots that we'd ordered earlier this summer. It was an hour and a half drive one way, but well worth it as we're really pleased with our choice. These particular pots are replicas of ones made in the early 1900s at Compton Pottery.
The pair are called Scroll pots.

The single one is called Celtic.

The Pottery is run by two men on the outskirts of the pretty village of West Meon. Here are some photos of the pottery itself. They make to commission as well as do speculative work.

When we got home, we planted up the Celtic pot with Heather and violas for our little sitting out area. Charlie the Cockerell was keeping a careful eye on the proceedings!

The other two Scroll pots will be potted up later.


Mosura said...

Nice pots! How long has the pottery been there?

Eve said...

How pretty Jenny!!! And you know I LOVE Charlie!!

Jenny said...

Hi Alan, since 1982, it was a great place to look around.

Hi Evie, hope the holiday is going great, thought you'd take a liking to Charlie, he's a present for an aunt of Chris's, but it might be that he stays with us..... (-:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Lovely pots. They remind me of Impruneta in Tuscany where the make a lot of terracotta stuff. With this weather here, perhaps a little trip over there to get some more.?

Anyway at least Charlie wont wake you up in the morning.

Mary said...

Beautiful pots! They look so pretty with the plants. I agree...worth the drive :-)

Jenny said...

Hi Roy, sounds like a VERY good idea to me. Italy sounds very tempting right now! Yes, he's a pretty good old cockerel.

Hi Mary, thank, we're really pleased with all three. I planted up the scroll pots today. One with a ceanothus (californian lilac) and one with a fremontedendron.

Quiet Paths said...

I saw this post yesterday & enjoyed it. I have a thing about terracotta. It's so fundamentally useful for one, and beautiful as well. This was such an interesting post. Thank you.

Duncan said...

I'm with the others Jenny, beautiful pots, terracotta just looks so good and natural.