Monday, 15 September 2008

Rodden Reserve ramble part 2

The foggy theme continues today. One of the things that made walking around the reserve special the last couple of days was the autumn song of several Robins (one of the few birds that continues singing for most of the year) and watching a beautiful adult Grey Heron ghosting around the lake. I also heard a snatch Winter Wren and Chiffchaff which was an added bonus.

Here are some photos of some birds that I took while wandering around, the mistyness makes the photos seem grainy which I quite like.
Grey Heron looking for a meal

in flight

in a dead tree

tracks in the mud

Robin on the bridge


Adrian said...

Hey Wren

Lovely shots - too early in the morning for me I bet! I lost the plot with the "tracks in the mud" shot - thought it wasa floack of herons at a distance at first! lol

See you soon, Adgi

Mosura said...

The fog makes for very atmospheric shots!

Anonymous said...

Really great shots Jen.
Especially of the Heron. The mist suits his colour scheme.

Jenny said...

Hi Adgi, it wasn't THAT early! Oh dear, bin on the booze again??? (-:

Hi Alan, that's one way to look at it....and I did! (-:

Hi Roy, shame I can't go round the reserve in my car, then I could get closer to these birds....maybe!

Eve said...

Jenny that little robin is just the sweetest thing! I love the fog!!

Quiet Paths said...

I feel a special bond with herons; they seem to follow us wherever we travel. (Here they are the Great Blues.) You captured some lovely shots here, Jenny. I really like the gray ambiance'.

Jenny said...

Hi Eve
Yes, the Robin is probably up there as being our most popular bird. Very confiding too. I once got one to feed out of my hand when I was a yound whippersnapper! (-:

Jenny said...

Hi Christine

Thanks for dropping in on my blog and thank you for your lovely comments. I've really enjoyed walking around the reserve in the fog, it's very comforting and inclusive somehow.