Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Spider spinning.

We've had three dry days in a row (yipeeeee), so that gave me another opportunity for a walk around my local reserve. This morning I enjoyed watching this extremely rotund spider (Araneus quadratus) spinning it's web. I can't say I particularly like spiders, specially when they're indoors with me, but I quite like to see them outdoors.
Here are some photos of it building its web for the day.


Mosura said...

Nice one! She seems to know what she's doing.

p.s. - it appears to be a female Araneus quadratus.

Mary said...

That is a very fat spider! She is making a really beautiful web....it is always fascinating to watch them.

Denise said...

Wonderful photos. I'm like you, love to see them outdoors and this one was certainly a busy little thing.

Jenny said...

Hi Alan, I'd be interested to know how you tell it is a female please?

Hi Mary, yes I thought a first that maybe it was a female and pregnant and wasn't sure then when I looked it up in a book.

Hi Denise, thanks for dropping by, it was great to watch her producing such a fantastic web.

Mosura said...

The female has a larger/rounder abdomen.

Eve said...

My new favorite word...rotund!! That spider sure is that!!