Thursday, 9 October 2008

Rodden today.

It was such a nice autumn day that in spite of my cold I went for a stroll around my local nature reserve.
It was pretty quiet, but I had three Ravens fly over with their distinctive 'kronking' call. They always seem like they are having a good time to me. I also had 5 Buzzards in the air one of which was being mobbed by some Crows. The usual Grey Heron was standing around fishing. A pair of Bullfinches was in the trees doing their ever so soft call to eachother and a Meadow Pippit had me thinking it might be a Tree Pippit for a minute.

There's not much in flower now, but this Mimulus was a lovely splash of brightness along the Rodden brook.
There were still plenty of dragonflies about. I definitely identified Common and Southern Hawkers and Common Darter. I guess all that will change when we get a few sharp frosts.


Eve said...

Hi Jenny! So glad you got out even with that awful cold! Great pictures and I've seen that "Mimulus" here! I can't remember what they call it here. Beautiful Dragonfly...I really should go to my pond and see if there are still some out there.
Spent the night with the worst migraine last night and am just trying to rest up after that.

Anonymous said...

Well Jen, altogether that was nice little list of sightings especially as it was just for a stroll. Hope your improving, (cold that is!!!)

Jenny said...

Hi Evie, yes it did me good and I bunged loads of layers on and what actually to warm walking round! I think the common name for that plant over here is Monkey flower.

Hi Roy, yes, the cold isn't quite so severe now, glad I got out in the fresh air today.

Quiet Paths said...

Isn't it nice to get out even with a bad cold? I feel my nose is less stuffy outside... *smile* I hope it doesn't get any worse and you will feel better soon. It's so interesting to hear the names of all your different birds. We have some of the same type of dragonfly.

Mosura said...

Sounds like a good day all up. Are Ravens regular visitors around there?

Mary said...

Love the little bird on the post! Hope your cold is better soon. I think the Mimulus looks like what we call Jewelweed or Touch-me-not. That dragonfly is very pretty. I'm not seeing many now.

Jenny said...

Hi Christine, yes the weather has just been so perfect that even with a cold it is lovely to be out in the fresh air. I was awestruck when I first came over to America and experienced all your birds, specially the sparrows and warblers. I nearly fell down when I saw my first B&W warbler, gorgeous!

Hi Alan, yes, they are regular, but not common. We have some quarries not far away from Frome and I think this is where they are breeding. I believe they are doing quite well overall unlike most other species! The 4 year BTO winter and summer atlas should show up alot of interesting info when it is finished in 2011.

Hi Mary, all our pippits are quite cute lbjs (little brown jobs), very unassuming but when looked at closely are beautifully marked. Love your SWF moon shot by the way, how did you get that? I've been trying and just get a white blob so far!