Sunday, 12 October 2008

Reservoir day!

After some initial fogginess, another gorgeous autumn day dawned today (I can hardly believe it).
I met up with two birding friends for a day out.
Todays post will show our visit to Chew Valley Lake and Cheddar Reservoir.

While we were at Chew the fog was still pretty much in evidence, though showing signs of lifting gradually. These fishermen seemed to be suspended in nothingness. Very ethereal.

I managed to catch a snatch at my namesake (Winter Wren) foraging in a hedgerow. One day I'll get a decent shot of one of these!

An adult Moorhen was showing the ropes to its youngster off Herriots Bridge at Chew.

It was now time to move on to Cheddar Reservoir. The town of Cheddar is where the original and best Cheddar cheese comes from. We drove via the famous Cheddar Gorge. This place is swamped with tourists in summer, but wasn't too bad on this October day.

At the reservoir we eventually tracked down our target bird for the day, a lovely graceful Grey Phalarope. These photos are heavily cropped I'm afraid, its a shame it didn't come just a little bit closer to shore, but still, we got great views of it through our scopes.


Eve said...

These are great! I think the wren is a lovely picture better than I've ever gotten of a well hidden wren! Morgan is going to GE your trip when I'm done posting. I love the phalarope! I got to see one here once. Cant remember which one, I'll have to get back to you on that!

Jenny said...

Hi Evie and Morgan, glad you liked the wren and the phalarope, just wish I could get closer to these blighters! Our Grey Phal is the same as your Red Phal by the way.
Lovely bird!

Mosura said...

I've never seen a Phalarope and I've never managed to photograph a wren as they are always moving about in the shadows - well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Well done, that's a good tick in the book (the Grey Phalarope), I have only ever seen one and that was through somebodies telescope a few years ago.

Know what you mean about the Wren. You can never seem to get them just right. Like the shot of the Gorge, thanks, have been up through there many times.

Mary said...

I think your wren picture is very good! I just love wrens of all types. The moorhen is such an intersting bird. I love that Grey Phalarope! It really is graceful looking. I didn't know where Cheddar cheese comes from, but now I do!

Jenny said...

Hi Alan, thanks, I guess I want that quintessential wren photo when they're sitting on a mossy log singing their heart out! Not asking much am I??? (-:

Hi Roy, wish I'd taken more time in the gorge to get some better photos, but we were meeting someone at a certain time. Might go again sometime this winter for some better shots.

Hi Mary, I love wrens too, you have some great ones over there across the pond. Lovely that you Carolina Wrens at your place!