Monday, 13 October 2008

Severn Estuary

After our visit to Cheddar yesterday, we spent the afternoon on the River Severn Estuary near Kingston Seymour.

Unfortunately we got there when the tide was at its lowest so any birds were really distant, it was still a lovely place and day for a walk though. We could hear the Curlew with their evocative call and saw some distant Shelduck and Redshank out near the tideline.
The only birds that I could get remotely near to photograph were a lovely bright autumn plummaged Meadow Pippit and a Kestrel hovering.

I kept trying to get closer to the Kestrel, but each time I did, he would swoop away a bit further and hover again! This is the best photo I could get.


Eve said...

Wonderful Jenny! Hope you had some of those really cool bog boots I love!Love the kestrel as well!

Mosura said...

There's something very British about those first three photos :-) Love the Pippit.

Anonymous said...

Nice scenes Jen, much better and more peaceful than Weston Super Mud down the road.
Yes the Kestrel is definitely a "Car job".

Mary said...

That kestrel photo looks great to me! My air shots are always horrible. I love that Meadow Pippit...a very pretty bird!

Adrian said...

Hi Evie
Replying to all these from Adrian's computer. Bog boots? Please tell me more, they sound great!

Hi Alan, I love estuaries and the sounds of waders (sorry shorebirds). I love that pippit photos to, but my bugbear seems to be that I can't get close enough do get really GREAT photos. C'est la vie!

Hi Roy, yes it was a lovely peaceful afternoon specially with the sounds of Curlew in the distance.

Hi Mary, Thanks for the boost to my ego, and yes the Meadow Pippit is a lovely bird in a quiet sort of way.

Eve said...

Hi Jenny AKA Adrian, if you remember this post
go down to the 12th picture. The tall boots with the flowers are the bog boots I would love to get. Bog is the brand name. They seem perfect for our type of fun, don't you think!!!
Hope Chris is feeling better!!

Adrian said...

Hi Evie
Yes I remember now without even having to go to your post. Groovy man! (-: Chris is feeling better, back to working hard in the workshop. Will be back home tomorrow eve. Ta ta....

Mary said...

Jenny, I finally got around to checking your husband's craftsman work....Wow! He is very talented! I love the little green dragon chest and the oak jewelry box and a lot more! What wonderful talent! I assume he fills your house with lovely things to enjoy....lucky you!