Saturday, 13 February 2010

Alliteration - C S

Here are some more photos taken while gardening up at my Mum's last week. 
C for Chaffinch, this is the male, with the female being much more drab and brown.
Contorted Hazel (Corylus contorta)
The River Churn which flows along at the bottom of Mum's garden.
S for Snowdrops. Mum has planted hundreds, probably thousands of these lovely harbingers of  spring in the lawn.
Sycamore seeds.  I'm not usually a great fan of this tree, but the seeds are very photogenic and an amazing natural design.
Well, the whole alliteration thing goes to pot in the final post from my Mum's home, but they will all be birds! (-:


John said...

Hi Jen,

Love the Snowdrops, one flower I wait for all Winter, then I know Spring is finally just around the corner (we hope). The Sycamore Seeds are really photogenic.


Mary said...

I can see that I need to catch up if you are on C already! The Chaffinch is so colorful. Love the wonderful to have them all over the lawn! The seeds are like our maples and we always called them "helicopters" when we were kids for the way the spiral downward :-)

The Early Birder said...

Hi Jen. I'm in love with mum's garden. A river and masses of Snowdrops, now that is heaven. FAB.

Sharon said...

Lovely photos again Jenny.
Your mum's garden looks very peaceful & a haven for birds!

Kelly said...

Fun post! Your first photo is very beautiful and artistic. It may be my favorite of all the photos you've posted. I love the composition, the colors and the way the moss fades in the background. Your mom's garden is many beautiful snowdrops! No flowers here yet....6-8 more inches of snow instead! (love the second to last seed photo too)

Eve said...

Jenny, your pictures are stunning. That Chaffinch photo is just fantastic. Love the seeds. I love the lighting on them. Great work! Fun post!

Rural Rambler said...

Jen it just hit me! You got to garden at your Mum's place. We can't even find our garden, it's under 6 inches of snow. Lucky you! The Chaffinch is all dressed up in some beautiful feathers and the Contorted Hazel is cool. Like Mary we called those seeds helicoptors and when they are soft and green we used to put them in our mouth just right and make a weird kind of sound!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely snowdrops Jen and so nice to have that river at the bottom of the garden.

Quiet Paths said...

Ah, a virtual breath of spring here in wintery MT. Snow drops; that must be a such a wonderful sight with so many popping up! Wonderful photos, Jenny. Thank you.