Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Frome bird survey - Part two

After my walk around Rodden Nature Reserve, I drove up to the red P at the top of the map below. There is a small track that leads to Rodden Church and Farm.  If you click on the link it will take you to a webpage that tells a little about the church (history button on the left).
Here  I'm  approaching the church and farm along the track. It was a misty misserly grey day.
I don't know how old the farm is, but it has attractive buildings which I enjoyed taking pictures of, while looking for birds too of course! (-:
This is a peaceful area away from any main roads.  Like most of my current surveys, I'll look forward to coming back here for the spring walks.
There were several signed public footpaths that I could have followed for this survey, but I chose to take one which follows the Rodden Brook.
Here's a footpath stile with the Rodden Brook beyond. 
I will hope to see Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails along here at some point, but I didn't manage that on this occasion.  It's a pretty little Brook to walk along which actually ends up flowing through our Rodden Reserve back where I started in the last post.
Bird photograhy was hard to come by on this day, but I did snatch this photo of a Great Tit in one of the hedgerows.
After having done a thorough survey around this area, I drove to my third and final part of the tetrad at Friggle Street (the third P in the bottom right of the Google map). This is a nice tree lined country lane on the outskirts of Frome with the occasional house along the way.  These horses looked a bit cold and miserable, but.........
.....they did come over to say hello! (-:
And finally, I found some old friends for my friend Evie at Sunny Side up blog to enjoy!


Rural Rambler said...

Lots to see in this post Jenny! I love the wooden signs for the footpaths. The church and farm pictures are great. All Saints Church, very interesting and pretty. The horse pictures are a treat and I am wondering if the second horse with the sweet face was clipped. He/she looks as though he/she is sporting a fresh clip!!

P.S. It is cold, wet and rainy here and I am ready to come home :)

Mary said...

It looks like a great ramble when you can see horses, birds, churches and farms, guineas and nice scenery! All we have is melting snow and mushy fields...sigh.

Eve said...

OH Jenny!!! I hope those Guineas didn't run you off!! Ha Ha! I love that church, your photos are beautiful! Look at that saggy roof and the squirrel weathervane!! The horse is a beauty. These are fantastic pictures of your reserve.
Well done!
The sun came out for just a few peeks just before it went down today. It freezing cold and no warm in sight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes a nice area to walk Jen, maybe you could spot a water vole in that brook at some stage. Good to see some Evie birds.{:)

John said...

Hi Jen,

Lovely post, an area I know very little about, so thank you for sharing the walk with us. Have you noticed the birds starting to think Spring is just around the corner. I was watching a Robin with nest material in her bill the other day.