Sunday, 7 February 2010

Frome late winter bird survey - part one

Even though the weather forecast for this weekend wasn't great, I decided that I needed to do one of my bird surveys.  I have three left to do including this one for the late winter walk and they have to be done by the end of February.  This particular survey is right on my doorstep literally.

Even though I could've walked from my house to do this survey, that would have eaten into my two hour survey time, so I drove to the various places where I wanted to carry out the survey.  The first place which this square covers is my local Rodden Nature Reserve where I help out with the management.  This area is shown by the left hand red P on the map below.
I thought I'd show some different views of Rodden Reserve than the ones I've shown in previous posts.  This is the bridge that divides the reserve. My car is parked just above me here. 
Even though the reserve is closed to the public during the breeding season, we still get kids congregating under this bridge and the inevitable graffiti that comes with them.  Some of it is pretty good actually! (-:  I've seen possible Otter tracks in the mud under this bridge.  One day, I hope I'll get to see one in the flesh!
This is the smaller eastern side of the reserve.  It's a part of the reserve that I don't wander around so much. Maybe I'll try and make an effort to walk around here more this year.  It was certainly very quiet birdwise on this morning.
Back to the main reserve area. This is the view as you come out from under the bridge. 
I didn't have any unusual bird sightings for my survey, but the local Grey Heron was perched up in this Alder.  I'm afraid he didn't stick around long once he'd set eyes on me!
The Hazel catkins are opening out a bit more now. Always one of the early signs of spring on the way.
There were plenty of Robins singing around the reserve staking out their respective territories.
Rodden Nature Reserve was the first of three stops for this survey. The next post will be about the other two areas.


Chris said...

Hi Jen,
This looks like a very nice place to visit! They should probably be plenty of ducks around during the spring! Nice shot of the robin!

Sharon said...

Lovely photos Jen, spring is definitely on the way, heard so much birdsong this morning (not just the Robin doing his usual thing!)
Looking forward to your next post.

Denise said...

Wonderful photos, lovely to have all that on your doorstep so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
An Otter sighting would be good. I should think there is a chance of a Water Rail one day there as well.
Herons just don't like you do they, stupid birds.
Lovely and appropriate new header.

Kelly said... are lucky to have such beauty on your doorstep--a wonderful walk. I haven't seen an otter in the wild yet. I hope to within the next five years. I seem to be hearing more about them around here. (I too love your new header...spring waking up. It's still frozen under snow in Cincy.)

Rural Rambler said...

Love, love, love the new header!! Hurry Spring :) Hope the Catkins are right about Spring. It is such a pretty area so close to you :)

Quiet Paths said...

I can see glimmers of spring in some of your photos but it's hard for me to imagine where we are right now. Love the lively robin!

Eve said...

Love the Robin and the catkins as usual Jenny. You better get busy and finish these up!! Time is running out!

Dog Trot Farm said...

The new header is lovely Jenny, it has me dreaming of spring.

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JRandSue said...

Looks like a great patch to investigate.