Monday, 1 February 2010

Spring clean

On Saturday, I was invited to join a friend at Edford Wood just outside Frome for his annual nestbox spring clean. He helps the warden look after and monitor the 40 odd nestboxes thoughout the year. The wood is also managed by the Somerset Wildlife Trust and open to the public from February to May. The photo below shows the small but beautiful Mells stream that runs through this wood.Sorry for the quality of this photo, I must have hiccuped while clicking I think! (-: At this time of year, it's a question of cleaning out the boxes of previous nesting material and making any necessary repairs.
Even though I wasn't expected to help out, I still found it difficult to wander off and get into the mood for taking photos, but this lovely mossy log caught my eye.We also saw a Dipper along this stretch of the stream. They breed here along with Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails. The wood is well known for its native Daffodils in March which I've posted about before. There's no sign of those yet, but I did see some dainty Snowdrops nodding by the side of the stream.And some peeking through the leaf litter, lit by the early morning sun.The only birdlife that I managed to capture that morning was a confiding Treecreeper. The conditions were darker than I would have liked, so these photos are lightened slightly and cropped quite a bit. (-:

I will definitely be returning to Edford Wood for the Daffodil spectacle in March and should I be invited, maybe to help check out the nestboxes during the breeding season. It was a fun way to spend a morning!


The Early Birder said...

Looks like my kind of location for a quiet stroll. Super pics of the Treecreeper Jen and great to see the Snowdrops peeping through. FAB.

Sharon said...

Lovely post and photos, always love reading about your strolls through woods etc,calms me down after hectic day at work!
Great shots of the Treecreeper.

Eve said...

I'm going to say this in my best British accent....CRACKING Photos Jen!!! Whooops did I call you Jen!! So sorry!! I think the Treecreeper photos are some of the best I've seen! Love the stream and that mossy log is WONDERFUL! Love the snowdrops, Very nice!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Snowdrops, glorious snowdrops, only in my winter dreams. Looking forward to seeing the Daffodil's in March. Thanks, Jenny

Catpriestess said...

That looks like a Faery-land! So wish there were places around here that looked like that, sighing...Your photographs were WONDERFUL! I could smell how clean and mossy everything was, here the bird tapping against the wood...I guess I'll just have to sniff my Penhaligon Bluebell perfume and be transported. Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely post.

Mary said...

Fantastic Creeper photos! I've never managed to get any good ones. It is such a pretty bird when you can see it well enough to study it a bit more. Thanks for the opportunity! The stream looks really pretty and the welcome! I like that mossy log, too :-)

Steve Borichevsky said...

Wonderful creeper! But the snow fair! It will be some weeks before we can even dream of spring here.

John said...

Hi Jen,

Some of the best Tree Creeper shots I have seen for some time, great little birds, can watch them all day. Love the walk in the Woods, Spring is just around the corner....(I hope) ;)


Chris said...

Hi Jen,
Wow what a nice place this seems to be. It is probably quite alive in the spring. Well done on the tree creeper pictures. Not so easy to take this guy, it is moving so much. But your whole set of pictures is really nice!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots of that elusive bird Jen and its nice to see some Snowdrops, (I havent yet).
You must make that place a regular visit.
What was that Evie saying??

Eve said...

Oh dear!! Did I say it bout this....
Jolly good shots Jen!!!

Rural Rambler said...

Great pictures Jenny. Love the stream and the pictures of the creeper, the textures of the branche aand the moss is cool!

Jenny said...

Hi Frank, yes, I didn't expect to see those Snowdrops, definitely a bonus that morning.

Hi Sharon, I'm glad my post helped you out at the end of an hectic day! (-:

Hi Evie, you're getting more British by the minute! (-: Mind you, I can't understand the fenland accent of our friend Roy can you? (-:

Hi Julie, will you get Snowdrops where you live come spring?

Hi Wendy, so glad you enjoyed the winter woods. Ah....Bluebells, can't wait! (-:

Hi Mary, yes, they're subtley beautiful, so clean looking underneath and then the zigzag patterning on top. Love 'em!

Hi Steve, sorry that you will have to wait awhile, mind you I'm equally envious of the shots you get of birds in your local harbour areas! (:

Hi John, yes I feel that spring is on it's way, but I think winter might hang on for a wee while yet!

Hi Chris, thanks for that, and yes this wood is alive with birdsong come spring....can't wait! (-:

Hi Roy, I'll certainly visit there when permitted between Feb and May and maybe at some other times with my friend, we shall see.

Hi Pix, glad you enjoyed the post. I certainly enjoyed getting out at long last! (-:

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