Monday, 30 June 2008


Mum's garden is a perfect little nature reserve. It is situated in the beautiful Cotswold hills between Cirencester and Cheltenham and has the River Churn running along the bottom. There are plenty of both deciduous and coniferous trees and half the garden (the half that slopes down to the river) is left wild until it is cut back in early autumn.
After spending Saturday morning gardening (eternal weeding at this time of year!), I took a break and wandered down to the river with my camera. In the wild area I was very pleased to find a Common spotted Orchid, something that I've not noticed in the garden before. Another lovely flower is Betony.
Along the river I was lucky enough to find both male and female Beautiful Demoiselles. These truely are BEAUTIFUL insects!
There were quite a few butterflies flitting around, mostly Meadow Browns and Ringlets, but I was only able to photograph this lovely Large Skipper.

Mum's veg patch was a place that needed much weeding, it looked a whole lot better at the end of the weekend!


Eve said...

Yes, Beautiful!!! The garden looks wonderful!!! You're a wonderful daughter!! Glad you had a great time!

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Eve

I've tried twice now to leave a comment on your blog without success I think. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong! Must be I guess. Thanks for putting my blog on your list. I was wondering how you found mine actually as I'd only sent it to a few friends I think......
Have ordered Adobe Elements from Amazon, got some dosh from No 1 brother for that! (-:

Eve said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm trying to figure out what might be going wrong....
You're putting in the word verification, I'm sure.....
Why don't you try emailing at you would like. I really don't know what the problem might be.
Well, I'm excited about you getting Elements...although I need some help with the translation of "dosh"!!! Ha Ha! He'll be jealous if it means he thinks you are wasting your money!!! I love having photoshop!

Jenny Vickers said...

Sorry, dosh is slang for money! (-:
He gave me the money to get Elements. Yep, I seem to be able to do it ok on my own blog here, which is weird.

It's snoozetime over here now, so I'll sign off. I'll have another go at leaving a message tomorrow, if that doesn't work I'll e-mail....thanks.