Thursday, 3 July 2008

Conservatory blues.

I made a start on painting the inside of the conservatory today (not my favourite occupation!). It was a sunshine and showers type of day, so in between the painting and showers, I decided to take a break and photograph of some of the flowers in pots we have dotted around our small garden.
Verbena is one of my favourite annual flowers. We're also really pleased with the poppies that have been continually sending up flowers over the last few weeks. They don't show any sign of stopping soon.Another favourite plant of mine is Salvia, both annual and perennial. The white Nemesia goes really well with it in this Haddonstone pot.
KT our 15 year old cat was also taking a break between the showers. Talk about relaxed!
We also had a surprise visitor to our garden. A Grey Squirrel, the first we've ever seen in this garden in 20 years decided to visit our Cherry tree and the bird table. He posed quite nicely! (-:

Back to the painting tomorrow I guess.......


Eve said...

Well I don't know how you can have the blues when you get outside in that beautiful garden! KT is a real sweetie and that pesky squirel is quite a charmer as well!! I love the color of your verbena, it's perfect!
Thanks Jenny!
If I could I'd help you's more fun to do a yucky job with a friend!!!

Jenny Vickers said...

I guess I didn't really have the blues as such, just couldn't think up a good enough title! Thanks for the offer of help friend, only a 12hour round trip! (-:
Happy independance day!