Monday, 16 August 2010

On the Levels

My friend Jane and I were hoping to get down to the south coast for some birding this last weekend. Unfortunately the winds were from the NE which is not a good direction for birding down there! So instead we spent a few hours down on the Somerset Levels. I didn't get my camera out an awful lot, but a some close cygnets were too tempting to resist.
After the invasion of Painted Ladies last year, this year has seemed pretty poor for them in comparison so I was pleased to see this one feeding on some Hemp Agrimony.
This Cormorant was preening quite some distance off so I thought to try digiscoping him. Not brilliant but it's always worth a try! (-:
I'm very glad that I have the Levels virtually on my doorstep when other plans go awry. (-:


Chris said...

Hi Jenny,
I love the two first shots.. Really great stuff there and the cormorant is very nice too!

Sharon said...

Lovely photos Jenny - as you said you're lucky to have all that on your doorstep!

Anonymous said...

I think I have only seen about two here Jen. Thats a great shot you took anyway.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Isn't it nice when you don't have to wander to far to enjoy the finer things in life.

sebi_2569 said...

nice blog and nice photo; bravo

Mary said...

The cygnets always look so soft. They seem to be enjoying the duckweed. Beautiful Painted Lady! I haven't seen many this year either. Great Cormorant shot! The Levels seem to be a great place to go birding!

The Early Birder said...

I agree that it's good to have such an interesting locale on the doorstep when the best laid plans fall apart. Good to see the clean, bright Painted Lady.

Rural Rambler said...

Beautiful pictures of the cygnets Jen. You do live in a wonderful nature kinda place. Being outside with all that is there is a cure for what ails us. I have been able to get outside in some great weather finally and I feel like a new gal! The heat is coming back but I know it's almost gone :)

Quiet Paths said...

Such a lovely place. We use the Bison Range here quite often when other places don't work out or are too far away for a stroll. Love the close ups.

Jenny said...

Hi Chris, my favourite shot is that first one. Glad you like them.

Hi Sharon, yes, although it's not exactly on the doorstep, but close enough when other plans don't work out! (-:

Hi Roy, yes I began to take them somewhat for granted when there were so many last year. Nice to see such a fresh one.

Hi Julie, absolutely! I also have my Rodden Reserve too, which IS literally just down the road. (-:

Hi Mary, yes they do look soft, they made a lovely noise while dabbling amongst that duckweed.

Hi Frank, have you got such a place? Hope so.

Hi Pix, I just feel so much more content out in the countryside! Glad you've been able to get out and enjoy yourself too.

Hi Christine, the surrounding scenery where you live is so amazing, but even so, I guess you still need certainly places that are 'special'! (-:

Eve said...

You've been busy and I've been dawdling Jenny! I'm glad you took out the camera for these lovely shots! I've tried just go out my door and get some nice pictures but it's a little too hot. When I do I get nothing post worthy!!