Sunday, 29 August 2010

Rodden rambles - part 1

Over the last week or so I've managed to snatch an hour or two at my local Rodden Reserve. Here are some of the sights I've seen while wandering around. The Mill House always seems to nestle nicely along the River Frome which runs along our reserve here. If I lived there, I'd be sitting in that overlook area all day!
They say that women are good at multi-tasking, well this photo of a Common Blue was taken one handed while I was on the phone to my eldest brother trying to organise a birthday get together! Actually I'm amazed it came out at all! (-:
One of my walks was made early in the morning and this Common Blue female was just getting heated up by the sun, ready to unfurl for the day.

I don't know what this plant is, but the sunlight coming through those ping pong ball flower heads was lovely.
The Purple Loosetrife is irresistible at this time of year, I've relegated myself to one photo per post though! (-:
On one of the mornings I had a mini fall of warblers flitting through the foliage close to me. There were Willow Warbler (below), Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs.
This Chiffchaff (below) had obviously 'clocked' me, but carried on gleaning in the undergrowth despite my clicking camera!

Again, an unknown plant, but I liked how it looked with the strata of Purple Loosetrife in the background.
There'll be more from Rodden shortly...


Chris said...

The chiffchaff is really nice but the two common blue shots with the brown background are spectacular. Well dine Jen!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I'm all agog over your new header, Jens ( you mind if I call you "Jens?") and LOVE LOVE LOVE all these photos! Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely images Jen. The Chiffy is really great and the one handed shots, well what can I say but Sharpshooter.!! {:)

Mary said...

I would say that you are very handy if you can talk on the phone and take photos like that one! Lovely! I like those white flowers and the purple, too. A very pretty place to go!

TonyC said...

Cracking header shot Jen!! Great post, love the butterflys, and the rainbow post had me singing along!! LOL!!

Rural Rambler said...

Ahhhh, the Loosetrife :) Very nice of those little Lady Beetles to share with the Chiffchaff and Warbler. Do birds eat Lady Beetles, do these two birds eat bugs? Off to google. Beautiful butterflies, not a tattered one among them! Very nice Ramble Jen!

Quiet Paths said...

ah... so lovely and peaceful. I love those little ping pong plants! We've had some yellow warblers in our neighborhood this summer which was a treat. So neat you can get out and steal away so close to home.

Eve said...

Every picture is a masterpiece Jenny Wren!! Love the could just keep posting them. The mystery plant is very appealing too! I still can't figure out how you get the blues to open their and Roy!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Chris, thanks, do you get Chiffchaff up in Iceland?

Hi there Debs, no, I don't mind at all. I was lucky that that Hawker hovered for as long as it did! (-:

Hi Roy, yes, the cheeky Chiffy was fun to watch, along with the other warblers around it.

Hi Mary, yes I'm very lucky that this place is just literally down the road from me.

Hi Tony, I have a mind picture now of you singing 'Sing a rainbow'! (-: Glad you're back from your adventure!

Hi Pix, I was wondering if anyone would notice those little Ladybirds! (-:. I don't think the birds take them as far as I know. I knew you'd like the Loosetrife! (-:

Hi there Christine, I miss seeing your lovely New World Warblers! I must get over to the States again!!!

Hi Evie, it's all in the whispering.....sshhhhhh! (-: