Wednesday, 25 August 2010

See a rainbow....

and Yellow
and Pink and Green
and Purple
and Blue!
These images were taken on a couple of walks around my local Rodden Reserve just outside Frome. I was inspired by Mary as she is colour co-ordinating her posts at the moment! (-:
Thanks Mary. There will more images from Rodden Reserve to come.


Chris said...

HI Jen,
Wow this is still full of colors around you... Here it is starting to turn orange! The autumn is coming quickly! I love the blue and orange ;-)

Caroline Gill said...

Great minds think alike ... I left a note on Mary's blog to say how about (a) us all joining in with colours and (b) how about choosing those from the rainbow ... and - wow - you have pipped me to the post!

Greetings from South Wales!

Elettra said...

that joy of color

Eve said...

It is a perfect rainbow Jenny and the new header leaves me speechless!!!! WOW!!

Quiet Paths said...

You are surrounded by wonderful colors and scenes! How clever.

Anonymous said...

A lovely bit of co-ordination Jen and nicely composed. Supersonic new header.

Mary said...

Lovely! Your colors are a lot more varied than mine was :-) Either you've been taking lessons from Roy on making butterflies open up, or those English blue butterflies are just a lot more cooperative than ours! Your dragonfly header is amazing! Love those blackberries...they look so good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary, that Lady from Frome don't need no lessons from me , She's a sharpshooter.{:)

Rural Rambler said...

I'm lovin' your rainbow Jen! And I am with Eve, your header is superb! Your Rodden if filled with beautiful-ness!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Chris, no sign of autumn here except the windy rainy weather, no colour yet anyway.

Hi Caroline, greetings from the South West! (-: It's funny and great how we all get inspired from seeing eachothers blogs! (-:

Hi Elettra, thanks for commenting on my blog, glad you enjoyed the post! (-:

Hi Evie, I was lucky in that the Migrant Hawker (header) hovered for the longest time (for a dragon)! (-:

Hi Christine, glad you enjoyed the colours. Winter is on it's way all too soon! (-:

Hi Roy, thanks mate! (-:

Hi Mary, yes, the Fenland butterfly whisperer let me in on a few of his secrets! He's a general kind of bloke (-: I have to tell you that I do an awful lot of chasing of those butterflies!!!

Hi Roy! Ha! You're a sweetie! (-:

Hi Pix, yes it's another area, even closer to me than the Somerset Levels where I can pop in and have a look around if other plans don't work out. Nice to have that.

The Early Birder said...

Just when I was expecting a sky shot ... super selection of colour coordination Jenny. FAB.

BTW .. thanks for your kind thoughts.

Quiet Paths said...

Oh, no don't say that about winter Jenny! I am trying to soak up all the sunshine I can. And colors!