Wednesday, 6 August 2008

California birding trip part 2

You know, I can't quite remember where this Cottonwood Canyon was. I've just rung my friend who organised the whole trip for us to find out. It was between the Mojave desert and Maricopa. The entire hillside was covered in millions of these yellow flowers. Quite simply stunning!

On the coast at Santa Barbara, we spent some time sea-watching. This Surfbird was one of my favourite birds of the trip. I wish I'd been able to get a sharper photo, specially with the dramatic waves behind!

We took a boat trip over to Santa Cruz Island, specifically to see Island Scrub Jay. This one proved to be very photogenic.

This photo of the iconic Bald Eagle was taken at Lopez Lake.

We got up early to drive up to Morro Bay, the main target here was to see Sea Otters. I'll tell more about that in the next installment.


Mosura said...

Great birds - You did quite well with that Coolpix! I wonder what the gulls are in the last shot.

Anonymous said...

Nice new header photo Jen, those yellow flowers are stunning.

Jenny said...

Hi Alan
Ah ha! You might find out tomorrow....... (-:

Hi Roy
Thanks. That was just a stunning place to be as was alot of California. I need someone from across the puddle to tell me what those flowers might have been. Should have taken a close up!

Eve said...

Wow Jenny, just beautiful! Wish I'd been there with you!!

Mary said...

Beautiful header photo! Love the jay and the waves at the end.

Adrian said...

Hello Wren

Why does everywhere seem, on the whole, to have more colourful birds than we do...notwithstanding our goldfinches, siskins, yellowhammers, etc etc!!

See you soon, Adgi

Jenny said...

Hi Evie
Yep, wish you had too. One day...

Hey Mary, thank you. Last installment tonight after dinner. (-:

Hi Adgi
Don't forget our Finches and Tits. Grass is always greener etc....tho New World warblers are just stunning jewels!