Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A sunny spell...

There was a sunny spell for 5 minutes sometime last week, I forget which day. I can't remember a summer quite like this one for persistent rain!

Anyway, I took the opportunity to snap some shots.

Here's a hoverfly that I was able to identify in my books later that day.

Here's one that I couldn't! (-:

This 10 spot ladybird was pottering along the verbena leaves. I know he doesn't look like he has 10 spots, but I think that is what he is a variety of.

Lastly, this moth was waiting out the day on our kitchen wall. The nearest I could get to an ID is possibly a Mottled Beauty. If anyone knows any different, I'd been grateful to hear from them.


Mosura said...

Some great finds there! I agree with Mottled Beauty for your moth. They are very variable. I reared one from a caterpillar once. Fed it on Gorse.

Your ladybird seems to be Harmonia quadripunctata (Cream-streaked Ladybird). It is also an extremely variable species.

May I suggest the first hoverfly could be Eupeodes luniger. Look here for a comparison of the two species.

Second hoverfly may be Episyrphus balteatus

Anonymous said...


I think your probably right about the Moth, problem is they are all so difficult to tell apart especially when one species can be many varied colours. I gave up trying along time ago.

Eve said...

Another wonderful header Jenny! Beautiful pictures of course! We've had a lot of rain too...but I think a bit more sun here. Wish I could send you some!!

Jenny said...

Hey Alan
Thanks very much for the IDs. I really REALLY need to get some better books if I'm going to try and ID this little bugs! Never heard of Cream-streaked Ladybird! Please feel free to suggest away to your hearts content! (-: Thanks.

Hi Roy, I've just bought the Waring, Townsend and Lewington Moth book. Fabulous, but they're still trickly little buggers! (-:

Hi Evie
Thanks, that is Glastonbury Tor which is a local landmark. I think you missed it as a header on my Somerset levels posting, but I liked it so much I think I'll keep it there for a bit. Feel free to shove some sunshine our way! (-:

Adrian said...

Hello Wren

Ah, Glastonbury Tor - nice to see it again even if it is only a photo. Remember when we went there in April many years ago and we were just about the only ones around. We had a drink from the (alledged) Chalice Well - I've never been the same since!! :-)

See you soon, Adgi

Mary said...

Those are really detailed pictures. Especially love the ladybird. I like you header too and was wondering about the tall tower on the distant hill.