Saturday, 9 August 2008

Cattle Egrets!

A friend and I went down to the Somerset Levels during the week just to get out while the weather was reasonable. The header shows Glastonbury Tor which dominates the surrounding countryside. The myth goes that Joseph of Aramathea planted his staff at Glastonbury Tor. The area also has connections with the legends of King Arthur.

It was quiet for birds, but there were plenty of butterflies about. We saw quite a few Red Admirals and some Peacocks and Brimstones.

This Common Darter rested for a short while on a rather dead looking plant, not sure what that is!

The highlight for us though was watching 4 Cattle Egrets close to a site where they have bred for the first time in this country. There were three adults and one younster. Lovely to see.


Mosura said...

Wow - British Cattle Egrets ...and great pics too.

Anonymous said...

Great header photo Jen, nice to see the Tor again although I am not sure from which direction you took it.
Lovely shots of the Cattle Egrets as well,
oh! and Jen, Cows???, was this a 300mm lens at some distance? {:)

Anonymous said...

Cattle egrets with cattle, how great.

-- the other Wren

Jenny said...

Hi Alan
Hope they come back next year. I reckon Spoonbills will be next.

Hi Roy, between Godney and Wells. Believe me, I was on the other side of a gate from the cows! (-: Yes with 300mm lens.

Hi Wren, nice of you to drop by, thanks, yes, an appropriate shot I off now to look at your blog. Cheers Jen

Eve said...

You had a great weekend Jenny! Love the egret and the peacock is my favorite!!
Sorry to hear you didn't get in to snuggle up to the cows!!

Mary said...

Those cattle egrets are great! How neat that they are breeding. The butterflies are beautiful and very colorful!