Friday, 15 August 2008

Up at Mum's at last!

After an absence of several weeks due to the weather and losing our cat, I finally managed to get up to see my Mum and Brother Adrian in the Cotswolds this week.

The weather was glorious (amazingly) so I managed to get out early this morning for a walk in the cotswold countryside. There was a lovely mist in the churn valley which engulfed Mum's village of Colesbourne.

The spring sown crops look like they're about ready for harvesting (to me anyway) which gives a lovely patchwork look to the countryside.

On the way back for breakfast I was able to take some photographs of Swallows who look about ready to make their amazing long migration to Africa pretty soon.

I managed to catch this one in the act of pooping!
In Mum's garden, the signs of autumn are already on their way. These Viburnum and Rowan berries look good enough to eat, specially to the Blackbirds and Mistle Thrushes.

A young female Green Woodpecker visited Mum's lawn to dig out ants nests. I noticed their yaffling call alot during the last couple of days.

On the feeders I managed to snap a Nuthatch and Great Tit, though these are not quite sharp due I think to being taken through double glazing!

Back to rain for the weekend I think. Just makes days like these last two all the more special.


Eve said...

Jenny the pictures are beautiful! I love the Great tit and Nuthatch very much! Glad you had a good time and good weather! Hope to hear about a kitten soon!

Adrian said...

Hey Wren

Good to see you again - I see you decided not to use any of your low field shots!! We have had the Green Woodpecker up quite a lot recently and as you knwo there are more than enough ants nests to go round!

See you again soon, Adgi xx

Anonymous said...

Nice scenery Jen,
They should be harvesting now or it is going to be too late, especially with more rain on the way. Great shot of the Nuthatch.

Mosura said...

Look at those Rowan berries. Reminds me of seeing trees full of Mistle Thrushes and Fieldfares.

You must had a high shutter speed on that Swallow shot! :-)

Jenny said...

Hey Eve, Thanks. It was a good couple of days. Will keep you up to date on the kitten news as yet....

Hi Adgi, That low shot over the wheat? did look so good on the comp, so decided not to use it. Look forward to coming up again in a fortnight. love Wren

Hi Roy, yes, it certainly looked ready to go. Have just seen your Green woody shots on your blog and am deeply envious. (-:

Hi Alan, do you have something akin to Thrushes munching berries there in Tas? Glad I wasn't directly underneath for that shot! (-:

Mary said...

Wonderful bird photos! I miss seeing them at this time of year when they come to the feeders less. Can't believe you managed to get that pooping shot....should have used it for "skywatch" ....look out below!

Jenny said...

Hi Mary

Can you tell me more about skywatch, don't know much about it, except that I've seen it on several blogs. Glad you liked the birds.

Mary said...

Skywatch is every week on Friday and you just post a sky picture and then add your link to a list at the skywatch site. You can find it by the link on anyone's site that is participating. It's just a fun excuse to look up and take pictures and see what everyone else finds in the sky. Some people try to visit all the skywatch sites...there are usually over 300! Some people probably use it to draw interest to their own blogs. It was started by Tom Wiggers (hope I got that right).

Jenny said...

Hi Mary
Very many thanks for that info. Will try and remember to look up with my camera this Friday, hopefully it wont be raining!!! (-:

Mary said...

The picture doesn't really have to be from that particular Friday...but rain would be a different picture from the clouds and sunsets that most go with :-)

Quiet Paths said...

Jenny, I've been longing for a long walk in the UK countryside for many years. The last stroll I had was about 25 years ago. Thank you for this visit via your beautiful pictures and lovely narrative.