Friday, 4 July 2008

Between brush strokes

More painting today........

First thing though, I lifted our first ever potatoes from my very small and crowded veg patch. One of my favourite new potatoes that I can get from the supermarket is called Anya, it has a lovely flavour. My Mum managed to get some seed potatoes of this variety this year and gave some to me to try out. As you can see, not the biggest yield in the world, but very exciting none the less. My husband and I have just eaten them this evening and delicious they were too!

I noticed the lovely early morning sunlight on our Agapanthus so couldn't resist taking a photo of this beautfiul flower from South Africa.

While Chris and I were having our mid morning cuppa, we noticed that we had two Southern Hawkers that had emerged from the pond. Of course they both managed to be in positions that made them very difficult to photograph, but I managed a couple of shots. They are still there this evening, so maybe I'll have another go at photography first thing tomorrow.

Another visitor today, was my regular male Blackbird. I put out sultanas for him and I swear that he nags me for these regularly throughout the day, sitting in the cherry tree or on the gutters, cocking his head and looking at me as if to say, where's my grub then! As you can see in this photograph, as well as sultanas, he is also eating our lovely cherries from our cherry tree. None for us this year then!


Eve said...

Morning Jenny! (Well, afternoon for you!) The potatoes look great...something I haven't tried growing yet. It's funny because I was reading a magazine yesterday which featured the Agapanthus and I thougth to myself, I need to get some of those!!! The picture is lovely.
Of course I love the dragonflies...I haven't been doing a lot of fun photography lately because of the coop building but hopefully the summer wont go by too fast before I get out there.
Tell that blackbird to save some cherries for you!

Jenny Vickers said...

Morning Eve

Glad you liked the pics. I've just looked up where you are on my world atlas. Not at all where I thought (like most brits, I probably just saw the NY and thought of the city rather than the state!). Looks like you're on the banks of Lake Ontario? Bet it's beautiful there. Not a part of the USA I'm familiar with.
Am struggling on with the painting today. Hope the keet coop building is nearly done.....

Duncan said...

You have a beaut blog Jenny, I've just linked to you, best, D.

Eve said...

Hi Jenny,
I live almost 3 miles south east of Chaumont off the main road. We have 120 acres (not sure what that is in hectares, not many I'm guessing!! (I didn’t even know the word hectares until I read Roy's Blog today). We are close to the lake and the St. Lawrence River, and 1000 Islands, which is very beautiful. I go on Google Earth and love to fly around the planet and visited Frome, Somerset. I just love the pictures of the streets and buildings. We have some old stone houses here but nothing like the beautiful building you have there.
OH if you haven’t visited Roy's blog...its one of my very favorite. Why you two are practically neighbors!!!
The coop is nearly finished...hope your painting is all wrapped up!

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Duncan

As I've soooooo enjoyed your blog, your comment on mine is very much appreciated. Thanks for linking up.


Jenny Vickers said...

Merry Sunday morning to you Eve

As I want to write quite a bit to you, I think I'll try and e-mail a bit later on today.
Am off to try and find you on Google Earth now.... (-:

Eve said...

I look forward to your email!
When you do I'll send you directions to my house and we'll see if you were close!!!
Have fun on there!!!!

Mosura said...

I just found your blog via Duncan's Ben Cruachan Blog. Having spent 8 years in Scotland I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing as I looked through your British wildlife shots.

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi there Mosura (not sure if that is your name?).

Glad you enjoyed my blog, have just looked at yours and love it, specially the Echidna. I spent a week in Tas a couple of years ago, birding with friends. We loved it. We stayed on Bruny Island and at Dodges Ferry. Didn't have enough time to do the Island justice though. Maybe another time.....