Sunday, 27 July 2008

A muggy buggy day!

I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden at home after my morning stint over at the local nature reserve. It got pretty hot and muggy which brought out the bugs and our cat!

There were a couple of really lovely hoverflies which I managed to identify (hopefully) correctly.

This Ladybird is, I'm pretty sure a normal one and not one of those harlequin ones which are becoming such a pest over here. I've since found out that this is indeed a Harlequin ladybird! One that got away.

This lovely Bumble Bee was making the most of the Agapanthus flower.

Last but not least, I don't know what this bug is called, but I liked its big red boggle eyes and dainty toes!


Mary said...

Ah...a cat doing what cat's do best...nothing! Super insect shots! I can't believe you can tell one hoverfly from another. I thought they were bees :-) That last one looks like some sort of fly,but it certainly does have large eyes and I can see those toes you mention! That is definitely close-up!

Eve said...

Wow Jen your macros are stunning!! You did a great job of identifying the flies! Even if you were wrong it looks official!!!
That sure is one happy looking cat!!

Adrian said...

Hey Wren

Nice bug shots - I think I shall spend some more time looking for little beasties....and get myself a good field guide. I never realised, for example, that there were different species of hover fly!

Speak soon, Adgi

Jenny said...

Hi Mary. Yes, they eat, sleep and sleep

Hi Eve, Thanks. I looked long and hard in my bug book, tho it's not a definitive book, so who knows....

Hi Adgi, there must be gazillions of different bugs in Mum's garden for you to get your teeth into...not literally! (-: