Sunday, 20 July 2008

Saturday 20th - part 2 - One butterfly wonder

After my trip this morning to Chew Valley Lake I decided this afternoon to visit an area of woodland just down the road from me near Longleat. I have seen Silver-washed Fritillaries here in summers past and I wasn't disappointed today.

Both male and female butterflies showed themselves well as they fed on bramble flowers.
The male is told by the black streaks in the upper wing. What a gorgeous splash of colour they made amongst the deep green of a summer glade!


Mosura said...

Excellent photos - Not just clear but all very well composed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

You are so lucky. Great images. I have never been able to photograph a Fritillary of any kind, in fact I don't remember if I have seen any in recent years since I have been interested in photography. Hope you avoided the other brown four legged things at Longleat, they are definitely not so friendly as Cows.

Eve said...

Beautiful pictures Jen! I've actually seen some Frits here...while mowing...they just fly all around me...but not when I have the camera!! I guess I'll have to take the camera next time I mow!! I'll keep trying to get them!

Jen!!! After reading Roy's comment I am a little nervous for you!!! there something I should know about don't have gators in Cheery old England do you?????

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Mosura. Many thanks. Coming from you I take that has a compliment.

Hi Roy. Have just looked at Frit distribution and they seem to be mostly SW orientated, tho not exclusively. I see there are a couple of places in Norfolk for some of them. Good luck if you go hunting for them!

Hi Eve. You must google Longleat to see just what we have here on our doorstep! If there is info on the owner of Longleat, check that out too as he is quite a character!!! (-:

Anonymous said...

Yes all the best things are in the SW. I will have a look when in Norfolk.

This is for Eve to look at:

Eve said...

Ha Ha!!! Ok now I understand!!! Very funny!....back off on my safari!!!

Anonymous said...


Ref your camera equipment. You have certainly got the right kind of equipment, so it should help produce the right results. Dont be afraid to use the telephoto out to 300mm on close up objects. (rather than your macro) Providing your are at least at the minimum focussing distance. I use a 100-400mm at the 400mm mark for a lot of mine and I also use a 70-200mm at the 200mm mark. For instance the Large White Butterfly I posted on 22nd July was at 200mm. The Dragonfly 30th June was at 400mm. I use an Apple computer and therefore iPhoto software. Sometimes I enrich the colour of the photo to make it look nicer but not much. What software have you on your PC.

Basically as for camera settings. I use 'Auto' for still subjects and 'Sports' mode for moving subjects I invariably have my camera set to 'Sports' mode when I am out walking. You can get too technical with various settings and it just makes things more complicated. Keep it simple! Let the camera do the work. You don't have to publish this, just let me know you got it OK. I will try and think of anything else and let you know. I have just heard from an ex colleague who has bought a Nikon and I have told him the same.

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Roy

Many thanks! The SW Frits were done using my 70-300 at 300. I too use auto (without flash)mostly and sports for action photos (the BH Gulls). My problem seems to be with some flower colours I think. I have just bought Photoshop Elements and am still getting used to that! If it's easier to e-mail then Eve can give you my address. Tell her I say it was OK.
Thanks again

Mary said...

That is a beautiful butterfly and such pretty pictures of it.