Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Somerset Levels

Early Sunday morning, before it got too hot, I spent a couple of hours down on the Somerset Levels. This is an area of Somerset that is very flat and is criss-crossed with channels of water called rhynes. This is a form of water management that has been in existence for centuries. There is also a history of willow cutting in this area called 'pollarding' for willow baskets and fence hurdles. The area has great character and I love it!

You can just about see a rabbit on the path leading to the hide at Meare Heath.
This Sedge Warbler was very inquisitve and we spent 10 minutes checking eachother out.
The Red Admirals were out in force and were enjoying the Common Valerian.

I came across my namesake on one of the broadwalks, though this isn't the best photo (heavily cropped)...
A Mute Swan posing on one of the rhynes was too good to resist.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Jen, just brilliant.
Somerset levels, I am sitting here green with envy. Great shot of the Sedge and the Swan is super.

Of course a 'Jenny Wren' had to turn up didn't it, they are always getting in on the act somewhere {:).

Jenny said...

Thanks for that Roy. It's funny how the grass is always greener.....I'm so envious that you have Norfolk on your doorstep. Such quality birding over there. Though I do love it over here too.

Adrian said...

Hey Wren

.....there are so many places I would love to go....Somerset Levels, The Fens and Broads!!! Perhaps I should learn to drive!

See you soon, Adgi.

Eve said...

Beautiful Wrenie!!!
Wish I could jump on a plane and we could all meet up and go birding!!!
Roy will be the guide and Adrain can drive!!

Mary said...

Lovely photos. I didn't know any of that about rhynes, so I learned something. Bunnies, butterflies and birds...the 3 B's. Love the little wren....a favorite of mine.

Jenny said...

Hey Adgi. Perhaps we should 'do' Norfolk sometime. I know a friend with a converted barn.....

Hi Evie. That's a date! We'll pick you up at Heathrow and do a tour of Norfolk and Somerset. Roy will be tour leader for Norfolk and me for Somerset. Adrian will be navigator which he is very good at!

Hi Mary. Yes, the winter wren is a fav of mine too. Such a power pack stuffed into a little bod! (-:

Duncan said...

That admiral's a handsome butterfly Jenny, a beaut photo of it on the valerian. Over here vervain is a common weed along the river and it's a great attractor for butterflies too. That Winter Wren is an interesting little bloke, reminds me a little of our Striated Fieldwren which is found around swamp margins.

Jenny said...

Hi Duncan

That's a bird we didn't get to see when we came over a couple of years ago. I was also desperate to see any sort of emu wren, but that wasn't to be either. I shouldn't complain though as we saw PLENTY of other birds and wildlife. A trip of a lifetime for me except I want to come over again! (-: